How to socialize older parents so that they do not "make you nervous"?

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How to socialize older parents so that they do not "make you nervous"?
How to socialize older parents so that they do not "make you nervous"?

If you are tired of your parents - put them on a chair and start blowing dust off them. They won't last long. An adult person needs to be needed, and it is even more important for an old person to consider himself necessary. So says Sasha Galitsky, who works with the elderly in a nursing home.

How to socialize older parents so that they do not “make you nervous”?

For the socialization of the elderly, nursing homes are very good. In the nursing home, the old people, gathered in a heap, socialize by themselves.

Grandfathers are serious people and they have no time to deal with sheer nonsense. And in nursing homes everyone plays old people's games, they are legal here.

Drama, choir, physical education in all forms, drawing, sewing and memory games - all for the fight against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

For example, this week, on Tuesday, a relatively young pensioner came to me. I decided to try and see if he would be carried away by carving figures on wood. I received a set of tools and an explanation in a nutshell for what to hold on to and what not to. Sat down to work. Ten minutes later he says:

-Well, it's like being in jail.

- What?! - I didn't understand, - in what prison?!

- Well, until I retired, I worked as a general, was the head of prisons, - retired General Eli tells me, - so there a person like you comes to the prisoners and does all sorts of work with them.

Not so that when they get free this occupation will become a speci alty, but just so that any nonsense does not go into their heads - drugs are there, booze, and so on.

- Well, in general, you're right, - I say, - of course, we are not in prison, but it's not only nonsense that seeps through the bars.

That's the way things are. Old people need to fall into childhood. Well, in childhood-2. They probably didn't play their games. Help them find any occupation - cut, cut, burn, print on an old computer the poems of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin - anything that they might like and what their soul will fall into. Try searching this area until you find it. My grandfathers, for example, carving figures of naked dancers out of wood, gladly give them to their grandchildren-programmers or granddaughters-lawyers, who, in turn, hang them on the wall in their offices next to their diplomas. Or they say they are hanging - it doesn't matter anymore. My dad managed to record 17 cassettes (there were cassettes then) of his life memories. I would have recorded more - I didn’t have time anymore.

Or here's an example. Somehow he comes to me at Khava's lesson and says:

- I was talking on the phone with my friend. She asked what I do. She replied that I was taking care of the old woman for free. I take her to the cinema there, to the theater, entertain her, read books, clean, cook.

- For what old woman?! I ask.

- Well, behind you, I mean.

Such is Chava's self-socialization.

Intellect, if it is given to us to preserve or delay its loss, we can only keep our head and hands in peace.

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