Hollywood doctor talks about fake pregnancies of stars

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Hollywood doctor talks about fake pregnancies of stars
Hollywood doctor talks about fake pregnancies of stars

Vikken Sahakyan, a well-known doctor from Los Angeles, said that many Western stars imitate pregnancy, and a surrogate mother bears their unborn child.

Doctor from Hollywood spoke about the fake pregnancies of stars

Famous US doctor Viken Sahakyan from Los Angeles, working at Pacific Maternity Center, on TV channel TLC talks about alternative birthing and Hollywood celebrity pregnancies. The doctor said that in recent years the number of surrogate mothers has increased many times over. According to him, this is due to the high demand for this service.

So, Viken admitted that he was always approached by couples who do not have the physical ability to conceive naturally. It should be noted that over the course of many years of practice, the doctor’s account has accumulated more than six thousand IVF (in vitro fertilization), as well as more than three thousand babies born thanks to the skill of Sahakyan.

But the doctor's frank confession about his star patients was completely unexpected for the public. According to him, he was approached by numerous famous actresses, singers and famous personalities who used the services of surrogate mothers. The most shocking for everyone was the news that many star mothers simulated pregnancy, and their future children were born by surrogate mothers.

The medic recalled the cases of actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman who were forced to resort to an alternative solution due to he alth conditions and did not hide this fact from the public. But Viken says he has worked with many celebrities who have worn fake bellies so as not to ruin their image and not alienate fans from themselves. According to him, these star patients had no medical contraindications for their own pregnancy, and they used the service of a surrogate mother, because their appearance is extremely important for their career.

Sahakyan said he could not violate confidentiality and give the names of his clients. But, nevertheless, he asked young mothers not to chase those celebrities who, in an incredibly short time, allegedly return their bodies to ideal parameters and, at times, even become more fit than before childbirth. He said that all these stories with the miraculous transformation of stars after the birth of a child are fiction and a well-thought-out move by a whole team of managers and show business agents.

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