11 signs your relationship could be given another chance

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11 signs your relationship could be given another chance
11 signs your relationship could be given another chance

Sometimes after a breakup, you are tormented by doubts, but were you in a hurry? Here is a list of signs that everything is not lost in your relationship and you can try to step on the rake again.

11 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Given Another Chance

You broke up for a stupid reason

Or in the heat of the moment. And at that moment, none of you had the sense to be the first to apologize, and now you are perplexed by how trifling the reason for the quarrel was.

You think about him all the time

Actually, it's okay to worry and remember. And in itself, this sign is not a reason to converge back. But if you're worried longer than usual and you have other good reasons for a second chance…

When your friends talk bad about your ex, you feel the need to stand up for him

Unless he humiliated you and you don't have "Stockholm Syndrome" of the victim, that's not a bad symptom. Perhaps not everything was so bad with you as a couple.

You can't bear to imagine him with anyone else

Jealousy after a breakup doesn't mean anything by itself. Everyone experiences it, well, almost everyone. Without the next item, this one doesn't matter.

You can't bear to imagine being with someone else

That said, you've honestly tried dating others since the breakup, and you're still drawn to him. This can be both codependency and a sign that he is really the best for you. At least for now.

Your ex wants your relationship back

You should listen to yourself, do you want the same thing and if so, why? Hint: Fear of not finding anyone else or feeling sorry for an ex are the worst reasons to reunite.

Your mom thinks you were a good couple

Mom is not the ultimate truth, you decide. But if she knows your boyfriend well enough, then you can listen to her opinion. How to understand that she knows him well? If she wooed you for him, even without seeing him in the eyes, her mother does not know him well. If she was initially against him, and then changed her mind, now this is a serious argument.

You don't regret the time you spent together

Usually, when you get out of a crappy relationship, after a while you look back at them in surprise: “How could I even be there?”. And you breathe a sigh of relief. But if you sort through your common moments in memory and want to repeat them again, then it's another matter.

Your ex regrets the spat

You should make sure he really understands what exactly hurt you. Otherwise, you will just get the same reason for breaking up after a while.

You forgave him

Really forgiven. Apologizing may not be enough if you are still filled with anger.

Your best friend tells you you are a good couple

Sometimes you need the opinion of someone who genuinely cares about you and is willing to tell you the truth to your face. For example, that you behaved like a fool in that situation. Unpleasant, like a cold shower, but who else will tell you that?

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