How to clean children's hands in the nursery: 9 useful tips

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How to clean children's hands in the nursery: 9 useful tips
How to clean children's hands in the nursery: 9 useful tips

Are you tired of stepping on Lego bricks all over the house? Kids whimpering and not wanting to clean up after themselves? There are several solutions that the whole family will love.

9 simple life hacks for cleaning the nursery - by children

Many parents are desperate to persuade or force their children to clean the nursery. Others have made this event an exciting game that takes place daily without tension and for mutual pleasure.

Make it a family affair after dinner

Children clean up with the support of their parents, and all the toys quickly find themselves in their places. “While cleaning, we sing silly songs we make up as we go, or tell funny stories about toys,” says Christa Miller, CEO of Parents and Partners, a nonprofit organization based in Austin, USA. “It comes out fun and fast.”

Make cleaning the last game before bed

Savannah Williams has her own recipe. “We are playing tornado. We set a timer for 5 minutes, and during this time you need to clean everything in the cabinets, otherwise a hurricane will fly in and take away all the toys left on the floor. Children screech around the room, trying to be in time. They have a rich imagination, it's a sin not to use it.”

Tell us what you do while cleaning while the kids are too young

“While my son was not yet able to clean himself, I taught him to order by putting everything in its place, describing in detail my actions. "I cover the markers with caps so they don't dry out" and "I put books on the shelves so that dust doesn't accumulate on them." It was exhausting, to be honest, but it was worth it. Now he cleans himself, and does it with pleasure and with awareness of the benefits of his actions. And he has more vocabulary than his peers,” says Erin Donald.

Reward kids for cleaning up

Monica Higgins agreed with her daughter that she would receive pocket money for doing her chores around the house. This is a controversial recipe, and many will object to it, but Monica believes that this teaches her daughter to be responsible for work and money. At least the toys are always put away.

Sing "cleansing hymns"

It's more pleasant to do a lot to the music. Dolly Freeman plays the same tune from her favorite cartoons to her children every evening. This is a signal that it's time to get out. The kids look forward to cleaning up because that's when they can sing and go wild.

Don't show negative attitude

Even if you had a hard day, don't show it to the kids. “If they hear you grumbling while helping them clean their room, they will think it is hard and unpleasant work that does not give any pleasure, and is best avoided,” advice from Susan Stiffelman.

Put the toys to bed

Kids willingly agree that if they themselves need to sleep at night in cribs, then so should their toys. “We have a personal place for each toy, and it does not change,” shared Jenny Fisher.

Sew a play bag bag

It is convenient for children to play on a bright rug. You can choose a fabric with a pattern of some kind of landscape, city streets or a fantastic map. And when the kids have had enough, just fold the rug into the bag and put the toys away in one move.

Do it together. You and the timer

Sometimes kids fall before they can clean everything up. “I take 10 minutes a day to clean up after my kids, right after they’ve gone to bed,” advice from Nyma Ford Goldson, mother of two. “After that, I go to bed with peace of mind.”

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