9 convenient ways to store lids in the kitchen

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9 convenient ways to store lids in the kitchen
9 convenient ways to store lids in the kitchen

Because pots and pans need to be covered, but the chaos of bulky items is terribly unnerving!

9 ingenious ways to finally deal with lids in the kitchen

Use CD storage racks

The photo shows an example of storage in a drawer, viewed from above.

Self-adhesive hooks

On any door convenient for you, you can always attach several hooks according to the size of the lid. An unexpected solution and very practical. Hint: do not save on hooks, take the largest ones with a wide adhesive base. And do not forget to degrease the place where the hooks are glued in advance - with alcohol or nail polish remover without acetone.

Table dryer

This solution has been suggested all along: a table top dryer tucked away in a cupboard is perfect for storing lids.

Use the doors

If your husband or you yourself are friends with the tool, we can assemble a simple door rack with our own hands. A few planks, battens and some paint or varnish.

Magnetic bar

Small metal covers can find shelter on a regular magnetic knife bar. Use the one you already have if there is room for it, or hang a separate one just for the lids.

Bathroom curtain rod

To add a dedicated storage space for lids to a drawer, you can use a regular sliding rod for the bathroom. They come in a variety of sizes and you probably won't even have to file anything. Just pop it in.

Lumps across the drawer

Here's another way to organize your space, but you'll need some tools for this.

Towel bar

Stealing ideas from the bathroom again. The main thing is to securely fasten the towel bar to the wall so that it can support the weight of the covers.

Vertical stand

And the leader of the hit parade: a vertical stand. If you can’t find a special rack for lids on sale, a magazine rack will do for you. Just make sure it's strong enough to support the weight of the lids before buying.

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