Weight loss, anorexia and heart attack

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Weight loss, anorexia and heart attack
Weight loss, anorexia and heart attack

The young athlete had no idea how much anorexia destroyed her body. Now she worries about what example she might have set for others.

I started dieting at the age of 10 and had a heart attack at 17

Jeannette Souros is now 24 years old and she remembers with a shudder her life, passed under the sign of the worship of thinness. Strictly speaking, she was anorexic most of her life. At the age of 10, she went on a diet, giving up fatty foods and sugar. Jeannette constantly drank coffee to suppress her appetite. When she was a teenager, she weighed 29 kg with a height of 168 cm. At the same time, she was professionally engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and performed in a team of cheerleaders (cheerleaders).

“For many years I lived with only one thought - I need to be slim. And every time I looked in the mirror, I found myself not thin enough,” says Jeannette. “I was convinced that the only way for me not to be eliminated from the cheerleading team was to be the thinnest of them. And I tormented myself with hunger, overcoming the pain. I thought that for the sake of beauty and success, I had to go through all this.”

Her efforts did not go unrewarded. At the age of 16, the girl fainted from hunger right in the lesson. When she was taken to the hospital, the doctors pronounced a verdict: anorexia nervosa. Worst of all, when she went back to school, her classmates started teasing her about being "fat" and got into the habit of throwing food at her in the breakfast cafeteria.

When the parents finally convinced Jeannette to start treatment, it was already too late. The body could not stand such long-term bullying and at the age of 17 she had a heart attack. After resuscitation, the girl was transferred to a hospital ward for people suffering from an eating disorder. There she spent several weeks on a drip. After a very long period of time and after a very careful recovery of an exhausted organism, the doctors managed to increase her weight by several kilograms.

But that was not the end. "Even after my heart attack, I didn't fully realize the danger I was putting myself in," Jeannette told the Daily Mail.

She missed a year of school while recovering at an eating disorder clinic. Only a year later she came out he althy and free from her neurotic fear of getting fat.

"At one time I worked as a nanny, and now I understand what a terrible example I could set for the children who were left with me. I don't want any of them to think it's great and right to be skinny at such a terrible price.”

Now she weighs a fair 48kg, which is perfectly normal for her height, but it took her almost 4 years to get there. Jeannette Souros considers it her duty to promote proper nutrition and attitude to her body. She sees her calling in stopping the spread of anorexia, which leads young girls to exhaustion, depression and even suicide.

For this Jeannette has created a Be•YOU•tiful community, in which those who suffer from anorexia and those who have already experienced it and want to help others to get out of this vicious circle communicate.

"Your life will turn out right only if you love your body, and not hate it. Your weight should not determine your life. And it's not just for people with an eating disorder, it's for everyone.”

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