Andrey Gaidulyan spoke about his imminent return home

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Andrey Gaidulyan spoke about his imminent return home
Andrey Gaidulyan spoke about his imminent return home

The actor posted a video message to fans on Instagram and announced that he would be returning home as soon as possible.

Andrei Gaidulyan spoke about the imminent return home

Star of TV series Univer and SashaTanya, 31-year-old Andrey Gaidulyan I've been battling cancer since June of this year. After the necessary examinations, the capital's doctors informed the actor about the diagnosis and sent him for treatment to one of the oncological clinics in Germany. Gaidulyan underwent several courses of chemotherapy, which, fortunately, were successful: the tumor decreased and the artist began to recover.

Andrey's fans closely monitored his he alth. They were helped in this by Gaidulyan's bride Diana Ochilova, who was always next to her fiancé in Europe and supported him every day. The girl regularly published new photos on Instagram and talked about the well-being of the actor. And recently, the artist decided to personally talk about his he alth by posting a short video message on the social network.

"I decided to get in touch more often. I want to let you know that I'm fine. I feel good. Yes, I'm bald! I just miss you so much. I'll be home soon!" - Andrey says in the video.

Gaidulyan's followers could not remain indifferent to his words and showered the actor with congratulations and wishes for a speedy restoration of his creative activity. The artist has not yet announced the exact date of his return to his homeland.

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