Bearded at gunpoint. New study accuses bearded men of dishonesty

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Bearded at gunpoint. New study accuses bearded men of dishonesty
Bearded at gunpoint. New study accuses bearded men of dishonesty

They are not only prone to cheating, but also more likely to steal. And treat women with disrespect. What a surprise.

Bearded men at gunpoint. New study accuses bearded men of dishonesty

Two recent studies have shown that the amount of hair on a man's face is directly related to not the most pleasant character traits.

Psychology Today magazine published a study of 500 men from the US and India, which showed that bearded men are more prone to sexism and humiliation of women than clean-shaven men. Bearded men are very suspicious of women, believing that women are insidious and are just waiting for the right moment to subjugate a man to themselves. presumption of guilt. For this reason, bearded representatives of the human race consider it right to point out to a woman in advance her subordinate position.

To not ask again.

Interestingly, the bearded Indians treated women somewhat softer than their American counterparts. Hindus also believe that women are insidious, but they mentioned more often than Americans that the weaker sex still needs to be protected, despite the inherent harmfulness of the female character. What, they say, to take from them - women!

Another study in the UK found different tendencies. So, bearded men one and a half times more often than shaved ones admitted that they tend to use their fists, even sorting things out with women.

Bearded Brits are two and a half times more likely to cheat on their wives than their shaved compatriots.

Finally, bearded people were twice as likely to admit to having stolen something in their lives, or would steal if the opportunity presented itself. Thus, 40% of the bearded respondents committed theft, against 20% of the beardless.

"Pugnacious, walking and thieving? Well, you are a goat after that!”

By the way, this is how English women talk. It seems that it is not a secret for them what a relationship with an unshaven man is fraught with.

65% of British women said they don't think having a beard makes a man attractive.

50% said they would never date a bearded man.

39% of women said their beard is primarily associated with food stuck in it.

And it was completely unexpected in this study that 43% of beard bearers admitted that they were fired from their jobs at least once in their lives precisely for inappropriate appearance. Yes of course. The fact that they were inclined to fight and steal is, of course, nothing to do with it.

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