How to lose weight by eating carbohydrates

How to lose weight by eating carbohydrates
How to lose weight by eating carbohydrates

For many years we have been told that the basis of weight loss is the rejection of carbohydrates, or reducing them in the diet to vanishingly small values. It turns out that not all carbs need to be cut out.

Eat carbs and lose weight

Carbohydrates: list of products for weight loss


Swedish researchers have found that eating barley increases the body's levels of hormones responsible for feeling full. In addition, boiled barley, when digested in the intestines, is primarily processed by the so-called "fast bacteria". That is, it is absorbed faster than other foods and the speed of your metabolism increases. You can add barley to homemade whole grain breads, use it in salads and soups, or eat it plain as a porridge.


A valuable source of complex carbohydrates ("good carbs") for weight loss, this product not only makes you feel full, but also maintains it for a long time. Thus, after breakfast of oatmeal, you should be less tempted to snack on something before dinner. Try to avoid cooked cereals with sweeteners or high sugar content, otherwise it will not provide the expected benefits for your diet.


Suddenly, right? The symbol of a fat man sitting on the couch, popcorn is actually great for diet food. Unless you drink it with soda or make caramel popcorn, of course. Popped corn contains very few calories for the satiety it provides.

Roasted chickpeas (chickpeas)

Champion in protein and fiber content among all snacks. A 2014 study found that legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, peas, and beans prevent overeating and may help keep weight off by making you feel full quickly.

Whole Grain Crispbread

Another carbohydrate from the list of products for weight loss. The same researchers from Sweden, where rye and whole grain breads are part of a perennial culture, found that they are able to regulate blood sugar levels and, like the rest of the participants on our list, reduce appetite. But experts at the University of Pennsylvania during the experiment found that eating whole grain bread daily for at least three months leads to weight loss. Conversely, the control group, who ate refined bread for the same three months, gained weight.

Whole grain cereals

Exactly the same effect for your waist as the above-mentioned bread rolls will bring the use of raw grains in any form. For example, in the form of ready-made breakfasts or germinated seeds. Regardless of the form in which the whole grain with its shell enters your gastrointestinal tract, the result is the same - the amount of fat in the abdominal cavity decreases.

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