How to lose weight by changing the interior of the house and kitchen

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How to lose weight by changing the interior of the house and kitchen
How to lose weight by changing the interior of the house and kitchen

It turns out that a simple rearrangement or change of dishes can solve painful problems, rid you of bad habits and even help you lose weight.

How to lose weight by rearranging furniture

No wonder they say that a habit is second nature: you can't just take it and stop eating at night, sit at the computer, accumulate unnecessary junk. Next to you, of course, there are a couple of acquaintances who managed all this easily and with a song - well, you can admire their great willpower. And we, mere mortals, will be helped by light transformations in the interior - it turns out that a simple rearrangement or change of dishes can solve painful problems.

The fact is that our habits are influenced by external factors: in a stable environment, behavior reaches automaticity. But it is worth changing something around, and the habits will have to be recognized anew: with the greatest degree of probability, you will no longer want to indulge in small weaknesses if you destroy the ideal conditions for them.

No more midnight dinners

Can't deny yourself the pleasure of eating a box of chocolates or a whole grilled chicken overnight? It seems that the situation in the kitchen or in the dining room requires serious reforms. First, get rid of shades that irritate the appetite: according to research, red and orange colors in decoration and decor provoke overeating, while a white kitchen sets you up for a light snack. Secondly, stop worshiping the refrigerator: in modern kitchens, it usually dominates with its glossy sheen and impressive size. This problem can be easily solved by hiding the refrigerator behind a hinged facade. Thirdly, put away all the "dangerous" snacks: instead of a convenient place on the bottom shelf, put them in the topmost drawer, where you are too lazy to climb in again.

Choose compact dishes

Continuing the current topic of the diet, we advise you to abandon wide plates in favor of models with a smaller diameter. It's not even that the smaller the plate, the less food will fit in it, but in our mentality. From childhood, we were taught: everything that is on the plate must be eaten. You grew up and owed nothing to anyone for a long time, and for many years you have been overeating out of habit.

On a huge dish, one serving of food, which would be enough for you for dinner, looks somehow undignified, and therefore you put one and a half, or even two, on a plate. Reducing the diameter of the dishes will bring you to your senses, and the diet will be in order.

TV in exile

Want to watch less TV and read more? We offer a radical approach: deprive the screen of the main role in the interior of the living room. Look at your own apartment, remember the interiors of your friends: 99% of the living rooms are “built” around the TV. It is for him that a comfortable wall is chosen, and then the room is completed with screen-oriented sofas.

This order of things can be changed: send the TV to the kitchen, and instead hang a picture on the wall. Better yet, nail extra bookshelves: the more brightly colored spines you see, the more likely you'll be tempted to flip through the classics from time to time.

General audit against blockages

It is excruciatingly painful for us to part with things, whether it is a dress from a school prom or a rusty meat grinder: the hope that "everything can someday come in handy" turns our apartments into a museum of a bygone era. If you are cramped in your own apartment, it is most likely not a small footage that is to blame, but a painful craving for hoarding. And the less storage space there is in the house, the higher the chance that there simply won’t be any left for frank trash.

The advice "less shelves in the house" sounds a little crazy in today's world, where everyone is trying to get huge wardrobes and put things out of sight. However, an excessive approach can play a trick on you. When designing a dressing room or buying another closet, evaluate sensibly how many shelves and a drawer you really need for life. After all, the extra shelves will not be empty for long: they will immediately settle on what it is a pity to throw away.

Do you want a change? Remove the tulle

If it seems to you that life has entered a well-trodden rut, and miracles and sudden good fortune are the lot of those who even leave the house, then it's time to open up to new experiences. Including getting rid of the tulle on the windows, which gently but persistently wraps the apartment in a transparent cocoon.

We think that tulle helps to create a sense of intimacy in the room, but is it really so? If you live on a high floor, you should only close from birds. If below, then tulle is also not an assistant here: a translucent fabric will not protect against persistent glances. A thin roller blind does a much better job: its dynamic mechanism is more focused on not only closing, but also opening at will.

Bedroom for he althy sleep

Suffer from insomnia or stay up late knowing full well that tomorrow you have to get up at 6 am? Sounds like you're just not comfortable in the bedroom. Some lucky people fall asleep where they lay down. If you have a more subtle psyche, you will have to do some magic on the interior of the room.

First, get rid of bright accents: red or purple wallpapers are for those who fall asleep easily, but wake up with difficulty, and calm pastel shades will suit you. Gray, blue, green, brown - complementing these colors with adjacent shades, you will get a harmonious and relaxing interior. Another important point is the quality of curtains for the bedroom. If a cheerful lantern shines through your window until five in the morning, close the opening with textiles with a blackout effect and sleep peacefully.

Sport - time, laziness - an hour

This has happened at least once to everyone, and to most it happens three times a week - until you get sick of even trying. Are you about to go to a fitness club, but you are constantly distracted by urgent business? You don't seem to be particularly keen on it.

To create and maintain a fighting spirit, find a place in the hallway for a sports bag or the necessary equipment. Even in a small space, this is easy to do: a couple of additional hooks on the wall - and the packaged form will remind you of where you should go now. If the material allows, the hook can even be attached to the door. Intrusive? Yes, but effective.

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