Feng Shui We alth. How to arrange things in the house in such a way as to attract success?

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Feng Shui We alth. How to arrange things in the house in such a way as to attract success?
Feng Shui We alth. How to arrange things in the house in such a way as to attract success?

Do you think that luck has turned away from you, and money seems to be slipping through your fingers? Use the ancient teachings of Feng Shui to restore harmony and we alth.

Feng Shui We alth. How to arrange things in the house in such a way as to attract success?
Feng Shui We alth. How to arrange things in the house in such a way as to attract success?

First, draw a plan of the apartment. To do this, you will have to use a tape measure to measure all the rooms in the house, and then use the compass to orient yourself to the cardinal points. The southeastern sector is responsible for financial luck. Find it on the plan - it is in this part of the apartment that we will work.


To attract financial well-being, use green (from pale to bright green) and blue-blue tones (from pale blue to deep blue). If you are looking to renovate and repaint the walls in the near future, try to place blue and green accessories in the southeast zone.


In the money sector, there must be plants and fresh flowers. Place potted plants on the windowsills, and also find a place in the southeast sector where you can put fresh flowers in a vase from time to time. Another option is to hang pictures of nature (trees, flowers, forests, parks, green meadows with bright flowers, etc.) on the wall. But pictures or photographs of the desert cannot be hung here. The image of the windmill also works well in this sector.


Now in stores there are a large number of home electric fountains of various shapes, sizes and designs. According to the rules of Feng Shui, the use of fountains of any shape is acceptable. However, when choosing a fountain, think about what associations it evokes in you. Try to find a model that looks like the source to you. Such a fountain will work as a source of we alth in your apartment. If there is not enough space in the apartment to get a real fountain, then a picture or photograph depicting the source is quite suitable. But it is better to refrain from images of Niagara Falls or reproductions of Aivazovsky's The Ninth Wave. Remember the golden rule: everything is good in moderation. The amount of water in the picture should not be too large, because the element washes away everything in its path.


Feng Shui experts believe that this is the strongest way to attract we alth. It, like all of the above, should be placed in the southeastern sector. Follow a few rules.

  • Firstly, the size of the aquarium should match the size of the room - you don't need an oversized aquarium. Remember the laws of proportion and harmony.
  • Secondly, the fish must be carefully looked after. The better you do this, the more favorable your monetary luck will be to you. It is believed that monetary success does not like people who carelessly treat symbols. If you don't have enough time, it's best to skip the aquarium altogether.
  • Third, buy only the fish you like. The classic option is goldfish.

If for some reason you cannot get an aquarium, you can use images or figurines of fish. They also bring money luck. As for materials, glass and wood are preferred, although there are no strict restrictions.

Money tree

In Feng Shui, plants with round leaves (heart-shaped) and plants with thick and fleshy leaves are considered monetary. It is advisable not to keep cacti or other plants with sharp leaves or thorns in this sector. Otherwise, you run the risk of finding yourself in a situation where you both want and prick.


The hallway, even if it is not located in the southeast sector, also plays a significant role in attracting we alth. If the hallway is dark, uncomfortable, if you don’t want to stay in it for a long time, then it will be unpleasant for money to come to you. Clutter in the hallway will also scare money away from your home.

Remove everything unnecessary from your hallway. Always put outerwear and outdoor shoes in a closet. Make sure the lighting is bright. The hallway should be clean and bright. Place three five-ruble coins heads up under the rug. In no case do not hang a mirror in front of the front door: luck, entering the apartment, will immediately be reflected, and go back to where it came from.

It will be very useful if you hang an image of symbols of we alth (a picture, a photograph, etc.) in the hallway. It can be a fish, a bowl full of fruits and heavenly fruits, a house breathing happiness and prosperity, jewelry, money symbols. Symbols of we alth are best placed in front of the front door or next to it.

Universal tips for solving money problems

  1. Fix all the faucets in the apartment. Constantly dripping water can wash away your well-being.
  2. Put a piece of dried moss or seaweed under the rug. It attracts money.
  3. Place a money tree pot in the southeast of your living room or office. Small round leaves of this plant look like coins
  4. In a room located in the southwest, there must be a lamp with a red shade. Red is a symbol of passion and we alth.
  5. Put bins away from your we alth zones.
  6. Place a turtle figurine in the north corner of the apartment. This animal brings money.
  7. Hang a chandelier with powerful lamps in the hallway. Bright light will invite good energy into your home.
  8. Get rid of cacti and other plants with needles. Sharp thorns carry negative energy.
  9. Ventilate the apartment regularly. The wind allows qi to move freely around the apartment.

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