Kim Kardashian was eight months pregnant in a "naked" dress

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Kim Kardashian was eight months pregnant in a "naked" dress
Kim Kardashian was eight months pregnant in a "naked" dress

Fans condemn pregnant celebrity for "naked" going out.

Kim Kardashian came out eight months pregnant in a "naked" dress

Even eight months pregnant, rapper's wife Kanye West Kim Kardashian doesn't miss a single social event. The celebrity again gave rise to talk about herself. A young mother appeared at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in a “naked” dress. She was wearing a black sheer jumpsuit dress that accentuated all the curves of the rounded Kim. From above, Kim threw on a black long robe, reminiscent of a tuxedo.

Such a frank image surprised all those present and Kim's fans. After all, Kardashian recently admitted how she suffers from excess weight and feels unsexy. Kim stated that she considers pregnancy the worst thing in the world and cannot wait until the moment of delivery.

Celebrity fans immediately started discussing her outfit online. Some wrote that she was admirable for her courage, but many noted that at this time a pregnant woman should still be able to choose outfits appropriate for her position. According to the public, Kim has not only gained a lot of weight, but her whole body and face look too swollen. And instead of sparing her child and her own body, she pulls herself into tight-fitting clothes and tight high-heeled shoes.

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