Happy New Year dear readers

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Happy New Year dear readers
Happy New Year dear readers

The old year is almost over. For all of us, it was different, bad, good, joyful or not so much. Well, let him go!

Happy New Year dear readers!

First you wait for your mother to pick you up from kindergarten - everyone has already left, and she is late again. The teacher left you with a watchman, you look out the black window, sweating in a fur coat, thinking that your mother will never come. And suddenly an injection of swift happiness - well, here she is! Then, at school, you wait for the holidays. And all of them are not and are not there, only a scratched desk and a board with examples in front of my eyes. The longest, of course, is to wait for the birthday and the New Year. For some reason, they only happen once a year. Isn't it possible to have a birthday every month at least? To set a festive table, so that both friends and gifts? Sometimes it happens that parents suddenly throw an unplanned holiday, and you feel that it's so great, just like a birthday.

Happy New Year will not work like that, because you need a Christmas tree, and garlands, and paper snowflakes on the windows, and Santa Claus, who never comes in summer. On the New Year itself, you quietly run to look under the tree - where are the gifts? But just after the clock has struck 12, they suddenly appear! Snowflakes fly into the open window - you again missed the moment when Santa Claus flew in. And mom and dad for some reason smile and look at each other slyly.

Then you become an adult. Time begins to accelerate, flies faster and faster, so much so that the hair scatters in different directions, and wrinkles appear on the face. Now you are already running late to kindergarten, and you feel an unbearable sense of guilt when you see your tearful muzzle.

Vacations come so unexpectedly, and you need to solve the problem - where to put the children for the whole summer? Every year there is less and less desire to celebrate a birthday. Gather guests, cook all day, then fall at the table like a wedding horse - its head is in flowers, and its butt is in soap? And in the evening it is dreary to wash the dishes, looking at the festive bouquets.

And only the New Year remains the very holiday that you want to celebrate. Now you are on duty for a miracle. You drag home a thick frozen Christmas tree, take out boxes with garlands from the mezzanine, decorate the branches with toys, along the way telling the children that they bit this one in infancy, and this is Winnie the Pooh, whom their grandfather bought for you for your fifth birthday. You hide candies on strings among the needles, wrap gingerbread cookies in foil, arrange a marathon shopping run in search of those very treasured gifts for kids and adults. Inside, despite the deadlines, the crisis and even a pimple on the nose, the bells are ringing and the expectation of the holiday lives on. When the clock strikes 12, when the bottle of champagne pops, you will scream: Hooray! Happy New Year! And a little girl jumps happily inside.

Happy New Year, dear readers of Domashniy Ochag! We really want everything to be fine with you, so that ruddy kids rush around, and teenagers do not spoil your nerves, so that your parents are he althy, your husbands become understanding and caring.

Wishing you peace, kindness, and cheerful girls inside!

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