Touching wedding with two fathers of the bride

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Touching wedding with two fathers of the bride
Touching wedding with two fathers of the bride

Who said that men are not capable of strong feelings?

Incredibly touching story of two fathers at a wedding

Parents may continue years of arguing and not reconcile, but when it comes to the happiness of their children, they show their best feelings. This story takes place in the USA. At the wedding of Brittany Peck, her own father, who was supposed to lead her daughter to the altar, stopped the ceremony. He approached the guests and led Brittany's stepfather, Tod Cendorski, out of the crowd.

Brittany's stepfather: "He suddenly took my hand and said, 'You cared about my daughter as much as I did. And you have as much right as I do to lead her down the aisle. Let's go.'

Todd Bachman, Brittany's own father, explains his act this way: “There are not many moments in life when you can express the full depth of your gratitude. I just couldn't do otherwise.”

14 years before, both parents, both father and stepfather, could not stand each other, jealous of their daughter. So it was until the day of the wedding, and therefore the act of the father came as a surprise to everyone. “My knees buckled with excitement and I could hardly hold back tears. It was the best day of my life,”the stepfather admitted after the wedding. The bride herself was in seventh heaven with happiness that her two relatives reconciled on her wedding day.

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