I want to kill someone and a bun: 14 horrors of critical days

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I want to kill someone and a bun: 14 horrors of critical days
I want to kill someone and a bun: 14 horrors of critical days

It's the 21st century, and we're still suffering monthly from Eve's curse. Where's the justice? No, we will not tell you how to forget about the inconvenience and anguish associated with menstruation forever. But maybe it will be easier for you if you remember that you are not alone in all this?))

I want to kill someone and a bun: 14 horrors of critical days

Mood on critical days

1. Inexplicable wolf hunger for everything you usually try not to eat because of the increased calorie content. On your personal full moon, you become some kind of omnivorous werewolf.

2. "Don't wear white, don't dance" - this is in advertising they think they have solved the problem. And you were embarrassed a couple of times and now you are trying to choose only dark clothes on critical days.

3. And it's generally not clear what to wear,because during your period you don't like yourself in anything. Is it possible to be beautiful on critical days?

4. Every time it's such a surprise, like snow in a Moscow winter: you kind of wait and wait, but every time everything happens so unexpectedly! They're like: “Boo! And here we are! Didn't you wait?" And you them: “Damn! Are you crazy? I’m in a pale pink dress, I’m going to the wedding, and now all I want is to cover myself with a blanket and sleep for a few days until you run out. No mood during menstruation.

5. Oh no, not during a trip to the sea! What do they think, I came here for half a year? Ugh, how despicable of them to ruin a big chunk of my vacation.

6. If you remember all the situations in which sex was especially important for you: when your boyfriend had to leave for a long time the next day, and it was your farewell night… When your loved one could hardly get out to you for a few days … Well, of course, these insidious periods were right there, and you had to occupy the bathroom or put a towel on. Can I have sex on critical days? Sometimes there is simply no other way.

8. At the institute, because of them, at least some concessions were made in physical education. And in adulthood, who will let you rest in peace?

9. How inconvenient, when going to the toilet at a party, to hide tampons in the sleeve (or is it better to proudly march there with a purse?). And even more inconvenient to dispose of used ones. What to do - wrap it in a hundred layers of paper and quietly throw it into the master's bucket? (Damn, how long are they going to smoke in the kitchen?) Or put it in a bag and hide it in the pocket of the bag? And if a robber attacks on the way, it's his own fault.

10. If you take a box of hygiene products at the supermarket, and some awesome handsome guy will immediately appear behind you in line and start eating you with his eyes. And then he drops his eyes on your purchases and immediately loses all interest.

11. Or stand there, rummaging through your purse for lipstick, purse or apartment keys,and personal care products immediately joyfully fall out on the floor in front of an astonished audience or a pretty neighbor.

12. Ask your husband to urgently run for tampons,and he will tell you: "Darling, I recently bought." Yes. A month ago.

14. Oh, these contractions. Pain on critical days - just a monthly delivery in miniature. A pill for me, a pill!

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