Werecats are taking over the world. Meet the faces

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Werecats are taking over the world. Meet the faces
Werecats are taking over the world. Meet the faces

Love for cats on the Internet has given rise to a lot of jokes about the enslavement of the Earth by cats. They expect to conquer us through tenderness. Now The Empire Strikes Again. Photos of a new popular breed - werecats or lycoys - are spreading wildly on social networks.

Werecats are taking over the world. Meet the faces

For the first time, these cats were born in 2010 from a breeder and veterinarian from America, John Gobble. Two kittens from litters of ordinary shorthair cats were very different from their counterparts. The kittens had no hair around the eyes, no undercoat, and in general they looked fearful.

Except for the hairline, the cats were otherwise remarkably he althy. There was an assumption that the reason for this is a rare genetic mutation that affects only wool. John Gobble crossed his cats and they started a new breed.

Already in 2012, TICA (the largest phenological association in the world) recognized these cute monsters as a "registered breed" and gave them the name Lykoi (from the Greek Lykos - "wolf", for their resemblance). Lykoi kittens in their appearance are either charming or terrible, with no intermediate options. Such is the hard fate of a werewolf.

Kits-faces are quite unpretentious in keeping, and their owners note that they got “two in one”, both a dog and a cat at once. Werewolves are as friendly as dogs and as independent as cats. (Of course, they don't have canine genes.)

Lykoev worldwide, there are now only 54 specimens, and they are bred by only 7 breeders. The cost of one kitten starts from $ 2,000, and they have lined up for several years in advance. Therefore, no matter how charming they may seem, it remains only to like and be touched.

Well, or be horrified, whoever is lucky.

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