10 Russian stars who look flawless

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10 Russian stars who look flawless
10 Russian stars who look flawless

Don't judge the style of Russian stars by the Golden Gramophone award - we have a lot of famous beauties who can boast of great taste!

10 Russian stars who look flawless

Anna Chipovskaya

The 28-year-old star of the Thaw series looks impressive both on the red carpet of prestigious film awards and at more informal events. For special occasions, she prefers luxurious floor-length dresses, and in ordinary life she wears leather jackets, tuxedos and boring sheath dresses with equal pleasure. In addition, Anya is the face of the most mysterious Russian brand Maison Bohemique.

Ravshana Kurkova

Ravshana has already become the most stylish officially (Hello! magazine presented her with the corresponding award). The 34-year-old actress is the owner, without exaggeration, of model parameters and a height of 180 cm, so even at official events she allows herself flat-soled shoes, the democracy of which is compensated by chic evening dresses. But in life, Ravshan loves casual with sports elements more - simple dresses, comfortable jeans and sneakers can be seen most often on Kurkova.

Renata Litvinova

Renata loves black and retro style - this is known not only to her ardent fans, but also, perhaps, to everyone who knows the name of the actress and director. Litvinova's style can be attributed to retrochic, but it should be noted that Renata in her images does not reach fanaticism.

Svetlana Bondarchuk

Svetlana Bondarchuk fully justifies her status as the editor-in-chief of a popular magazine - she looks equally good both in designer evening dresses and in democratic looks on vacation. Bondarchuk is also friends with Russian designer Alexander Terekhov, whose clothes he often wears to events.

Elena Lyadova

Elena is not afraid to experiment with prints and textures - the actress loves trying on interesting shapes and colors. In everyday life, Lyadova prefers casual looks, but on the red carpet she never goes unnoticed.

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana often works in Hollywood, so her images on the red carpet are often no worse than the outfits of her Western colleagues. Khodchenkova loves simple silhouettes, complimentary to her slender figure, and soothing colors.

Victoria Isakova

Victoria, like Elena Lyadova, loves to experiment with color and cut, but approaches the choice of outfits more carefully. Isakova has wide hips, so she chooses outfits taking into account this feature of her figure. We can't help but notice how successful this choice usually turns out to be!

Polina Gagarina

Several years ago, Polina changed her appearance and style a lot - the fragile singer began to dress more concisely and sophisticatedly. Black evening and cocktail dresses with deep cutouts, sandals with a pair of straps and a deliberately careless short haircut - this is today's image of Gagarina on the red carpet.


Aurora loves experiments and ambiguous combinations - the blonde is always aware of fashion trends that she is in a hurry to try on in everyday life. But on the red carpet and official events, Aurora prefers to appear in feminine dresses (midi or floor length) and pumps.

Svetlana Ustinova

Svetlana, together with Anna Chipovskaya, took part in the shooting of the Maison Bohemique lookbook - the DNA of the domestic brand was ideally combined with the style of the actress herself. Ustinova loves relaxed looks, and often complements feminine dresses with sneakers, sneakers or minimalist sandals. Based on materials from cosmo.ru.

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