10 beauty problems that will tell about your he alth

10 beauty problems that will tell about your he alth
10 beauty problems that will tell about your he alth

Everything is interconnected in our body, so if you find yourself with an unpleasant problem in the form of sudden acne or bruises under the eyes that were unusual for you before, do not rush to cover up imperfections with concealer! Perhaps external changes and cosmetic problems of the skin of the face signal he alth problems, and they must be de alt with from the inside.

10 beauty problems that will tell about your he alth

We have compiled a list of beauty issues that may be talking about your he alth. Be careful!

Beauty issues to look out for

Acne on the chin

Spots on nails

White spots on the nails are quite common, and this is a reason to think - does your body have enough vitamins? In medicine, this condition is called leukonychia and is treated by adding foods rich in vitamins A and E, iron and zinc to the diet.

Rash on forehead

Small rashes and pimples on the forehead do not necessarily mean that you do not clean your skin enough. Most likely, these are problems of internal organs on the face, namely, improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. A small rash in the forehead can cause gastritis or dysbacteriosis, so run to the gastroenterologist!

Hair loss

The most common reasons for such a failure: malnutrition and a strict diet, severe stress (hair reacts to it after 2-3 months and suddenly begins to leave your head in a hurry, even if you have already forgotten about the experience), hormonal imbalance. In this case, do not rush to run to the pharmacy for a special shampoo, but go first to take a biochemical blood test and a hormone test.

Eye bags and puffiness

If you systematically began to develop swelling and bags under the eyes, then it's time to sound the alarm and check the kidneys. Believe me, waking up in the morning with a face as if you were bitten by bees the night before is normal only after a very noisy party where alcohol flowed like a river. In all other cases, you need to go to a nephrologist and take a urine test - most likely, this is how the problems of the body appear on the face.

Black eyes

Everyone has small bruises under the eyes, and we have talked more than once about how to properly mask them. However, if you have dark shadows under your eyes and there is no obvious reason for this, such as systematic lack of sleep, then you need to check the cardiovascular system. Bruises under the eyes can indicate heart failure, so visit a cardiologist urgently.

Vascular stars on the face

No, these are not harmless blue spots that you can simply cover with foundation in the morning and forget. Often, problems with the vessels of the face speak of liver diseases and even chronic diseases that do not make themselves felt.

Bluish shade of the nail plate

A rather rare, but still occurring bluish tint of the nail plate, is a reason to urgently consult a doctor. Most often, blue nails speak of oxygen starvation of the body, in medicine this disease is called cyanosis. First of all, you need to do a complete blood count and check the level of hemoglobin, the carrier of oxygen in blood cells.


Again, we're not talking about the white skin you were born with. We are talking about pallor and loss of blush, especially if even others notice it. Perhaps your body is severely lacking in iron. To find out, take a blood test and find out your hemoglobin. It is possible that you urgently need to increase it!

Wavy Nails

A he althy nail plate should be smooth, but if you notice bumps and depressions on your nails, then it's time to get checked. "Wavy" nails can be a sign of anemia - that is, an acute lack of iron in the body.

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