Two pair of boots: 12 signs that you are made for each other

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Two pair of boots: 12 signs that you are made for each other
Two pair of boots: 12 signs that you are made for each other

There are couples that you admire endlessly. Not some star OTP from TV, but the most ordinary Sasha and Masha from life. Friends even come up with a common name for them: “Will Sanka come for the New Year?” - "No, Sanka decided to celebrate in St. Petersburg." No one remembers them publicly sorting things out or saying even one bad word about each other. They are as close as Siamese twins. Do you want to know what their secret is? Here are signs of couple compatibility.

Two pair of boots: 12 signs that you are made for each other

Signs of compatibility between a man and a woman

1. You think he is a sorcerer. Because you call him to buy oranges, and he just stands there and buys oranges. And he considers you clairvoyant, because you are able to understand from a short neutral text message that he had a hard day. Often you start to say the same thing at the same time or answer a question in unison. This is a sign that you are on the same wavelength.

2. You are ready to miss the final episode of your favorite series if he needs your help. Or go to Siberia as the wife of a Decembrist, if he found a better job there. And he, too, if necessary, will drop everything for you.

3. There is no rivalry between you, and the question “who is your head of the family?” seems stupid: your family is ruled by love. It's funny for you to make scandals about "who earns more" and "who does more around the house."

4. You know how to resolve conflict. Of course everyone has them! But you do not quarrel, you argue - and you understand the difference between a senseless yell and an attempt to solve a problem that has arisen. Sometimes you really want to slam the door - but even if you are angry at each other, you try to behave constructively and look at the situation through the eyes of a partner.

5. …And that's why you don't put off an important conversation for fear that it will spill over into a family scene.

6. If one of you has something to be proud of - neatness, punctuality - then the other one is also trying to pull himself up without any of these "well, of course, you always wear white gloves" with us.

7. Your friends and his friends have become one company. You are great with his environment, he is with yours. You no longer divide them into “yours” and “mine”, they are now “our friends.”

8. You've already discussed your future together and it turns out you both have the same goals. A sure sign of mutual love.

9. If he has a busy schedule - even no time to call, you don't get jealousbecause you have reason to trust him. And instead of finishing him off, tired, with evening scandals, you show understanding and care. He answers the same when you are loaded.

10. The word "partner" comes from the word "part" - "part". This is the one who participates in the same business with you. In your life together, work, leisure, everyday life, in building relationships. Looking at your partner, you think you are a great team. This is one of the important signs of compatibility.

11. You have so much romance in your relationship that anyone would envy the compatibility of the couple. But you don't really give people this opportunity: don't try to put your hugs on the Internet and generally don't live for show. Because the feelings themselves are important to you, and not what people say about them.

12. If acquaintances see only one of you, they are very surprised: where is the second one? Because you are tied to each other like an invisible thread. Strong thread to you!

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