8 He althy Foods for Fresher Skin

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8 He althy Foods for Fresher Skin
8 He althy Foods for Fresher Skin

Do you want to look great no matter your age? You should change your diet a bit.

Not only vegetables: 8 products for youthful skin

Sunflower seeds

The usual seeds contain a large amount of vitamin E, which protects the body's cells from destruction. In the same way as nuts, but sunflower is many times cheaper. You can have he althy, youthful skin and lower your risk of heart disease if you eat seeds and nuts regularly. Simply add them to salads, soups, cereals and homemade breads, or eat them neat.

Sweet Pepper

If you eat fresh sweet peppers daily (as well as other foods containing vitamin C, such as apples or oranges), you increase the production of collagen in the body. As a result, you not only have elastic he althy skin and shiny hair, but also he althy joints and spine, since collagen is responsible for all the connective tissues in our body. A good reason to throw some extra pepper into your salad (or a sandwich you take to work) and snack on apples instead of cookies, right?


Leafy and spicy greens not only contain the same vitamin C, but also provide carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect your skin cells from moisture loss and drying out. Everyone knows how to use greens, but here's another idea for you: you can churn greens in a blender along with vegetable juices, kefir or yogurt and use it as a cocktail.


Contains high amounts of selenium, which protects your skin from harmful UV radiation and aging. Use them as a low-calorie side dish boiled or sautéed, or as a tasty addition to salads dipped in raw mushrooms.


Rich in zinc, which is an essential mineral for supporting your immune system. A good immune system also protects your skin from inflammation and infections. Zinc is found in all seafood without exception. Better yet, eating shrimp, mussels or squid gives you plenty of animal protein without the risk of gaining weight.


Good news: even frozen strawberries are high in vitamin C and flavonoids, which are essential for strengthening your skin cells. So enjoy it all year round, no matter the season.


Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene, which repairs your skin and prevents wrinkles. In second place in terms of beta-carotene content is sweet potato (sweet potato), which can be eaten both raw and cooked. In third place is carrots, familiar to everyone since childhood.


Chicken eggs contain lutein, which helps keep skin hydrated and supple. Regardless of whether you eat boiled or fried eggs, you will receive this trace element in full. But it is better to refuse to use it raw in cocktails or in any other way. Once transferred salmonellosis can bring all your efforts to maintain beauty and he alth to naught.

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