Smart 5-year-old boy saved his grandmother from a fire

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Smart 5-year-old boy saved his grandmother from a fire
Smart 5-year-old boy saved his grandmother from a fire

He just applied what he learned on the field trip to the firehouse

Clever 5-year-old boy saved his grandmother from a fire

When a fire broke out in his grandmother's private house at night, the child did not become confused and did not panic. Three days before this incident, 5-year-old Nathaniel visited the local fire station with his kindergarten group, where the children were told how to behave in case of danger.

Therefore, waking up at 1 am from the smell of smoke, the child did not burst into tears and did not hide somewhere in the corner. He knew that when there was smoke, he had to crawl across the floor. The kid took his cat Aurora, a tablet with games and crawled to the bed where his grandmother was sleeping.

Loud cries of "Grandma, wake up, we're on fire!" he woke her up, then forced her to lie on the floor and crawl out of the smoky house.

"He was amazingly composed for this situation, calm and reasonable. If it weren't for him, I'd probably go crazy there,”admits his grandmother, Kimberly Raccliss.

Nathaniel really was the most adequate person at that moment. When she and her grandmother got out of the burning house, she remembered that somewhere inside their dog, a chihuahua, remained. Grandmother rushed back to the house, but the child stopped her.

"I told her it was too dangerous and we should wait outside for the firemen," Nathaniel explained. The fire brigade arrived seven minutes after the call and found the dog under the tub, frightened but alive.

The boy's parents were in another city on the night of the incident, and returned in the morning, as soon as they learned about the incident.

Despite the fact that both the grandson and grandmother and all their pets were saved, things were badly damaged during the fire. Therefore, the neighbors gathered everything necessary for the family, who was forced to temporarily move to a trailer on wheels.

As Nathaniel's mom says, "He has more toys now than he ever had before the fire."

The fire department of the town of Fellan, California, where these events took place, awarded Nathaniel with a fireman's badge, a commemorative plaque, and a set of uniforms sewn onto him. Nathaniel himself is seriously considering working as a lifeguard when he grows up.

“My grandson is always very sensible and follows the rules, but the fact that he was able to apply the knowledge he learned on the field trip to save us all is amazing. He is my hero,” said the grandmother in an interview with USA TODAY.

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