Don't be born beautiful: famous beauties and their most ordinary husbands

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Don't be born beautiful: famous beauties and their most ordinary husbands
Don't be born beautiful: famous beauties and their most ordinary husbands

The men of these star beauties have never been included in the lists of the sexiest and most stylish guys on the planet, but the chosen ones appreciate them for their intelligence, support, sense of humor and career achievements. From the outside, these couples may look funny: they have too different views on beauty, a big difference in age and even in height. However, these stellar examples only further assure us of the truth: opposites attract.

Don't be born beautiful: famous beauties and their most ordinary husbands

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

17 years apart, 1 year of marriage

Fans of the famous twin Mary-Kate Olsen believe that the banker Sarkozy, half-brother of the ex-president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, does not suit her either in age or in interests, and recall Olivier's 13-year unsuccessful marriage to writer Charlotte Bernard, who gave him two children, but could not keep him by her side. However, despite the criticism, Mary-Kate does not intend to retreat from her long-awaited happiness.

She was unlucky in love for a long time: before meeting Sarkozy, her love file included the actor Max Winkler and the grandson of the Greek tycoon Stavros Niarchos III, who practically ran away from the crown to Paris Hilton. Romance with Sarkozy Olsen decided to keep a secret.

The union was declassified in 2012 when the couple appeared at a basketball game. Two years later, Sarkozy gave the girl a Cartier engagement ring with a four-carat diamond for $81,000.

Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault

4 years difference, 6 years of marriage

Despite the fact that real beauties have always occupied the main place in Salma's life (she had affairs with Edward Norton, Josh Lucas, Colin Farrell), Francois, not the most attractive, but the most attentive, was able to tame her.

True, her husband's past has become a real headache for the actress. Not only does the owner of the LVMH fashion concern have two children from his first marriage, but he also crossed the path of Linda Evangelista, who managed to get pregnant in six months of the affair and demanded fabulous alimony.

In 2008, Salma broke down and left the businessman. Their relationship resumed a year later, and Linda still received her $46 thousand dollars a month. Now Salma and Henri are raising their daughter Valentina.

Celine Dion and Rene Angelila

26 years apart, 27 years of relationship

For the first time, producer Rene Angelila learned about the aspiring artist when she was… 12 years old! Celine Dion came to him for an audition and showed incredible vocals. Angelila believed in the success of his ward and began to work on her image: he paid for plastic surgery, hired the best vocal and choreography teachers, and recorded her first album. In response, Celine relieved him of the depressing thoughts of divorce, which he was going through at that moment.

Real feelings woke up when Dion was 19 years old, and her maestro - 45 years old. Four years later, they announced their engagement, and after another three, they signed. At that time, their relationship was considered a misalliance: the young girl wanted fame, and the old man decided to amuse his pride. However, the more their romance gained momentum, the less criticism flew towards them.

In 1999, Rene was diagnosed with cancer. For the sake of her husband, Dion left her career and became a nurse for her husband for two years. The lovers managed to defeat the disease, but the couple had practically no chances for children: chemotherapy took all the strength out of the spouse. Celine took the risk and used the IVF technique that was not studied at that time. So Dion first became a mother (having given birth to her son Rene-Charles in 2001), and in 2010 she successfully repeated the experiment and gave her husband the twins Eddie and Nelson.

Last year, Rene was diagnosed with cancer again, and the singer has already announced that she is taking time out to look after her husband.

Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

3 years difference, 18 years of marriage

Journalists still laugh at the absurdity of Andrew Upton: next to his wife, the ever disheveled Upton with a lost look really looks like an inhabitant of another planet. However, this originality has always attracted the actress.

The couple met in 1997 in Australia while preparing for the play The Seagull. Only love at first sight did not work out: Kate considered the screenwriter arrogant, and Andrew thought that his new acquaintance was too cynical and superficial. However, a few months later they were united by talk about theater and cinema. Six months after they met, the couple played a wedding, and from that moment Upton began to constantly hear barbs and jokes addressed to him, which, however, he passes by his ears.

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen

4 years difference, 5 years of marriage

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen met in 2002, but a serious relationship began only two years later. Many considered their union another joke of the British comedian: what could a slender miniature actress in the arms of a giant Sacha Baron Cohen, who did nothing but make fun of everyone and everything, could forget. However, when in 2008 the lovers still remained together, and even raised their daughter, even the most stubborn skeptics resigned themselves to the seriousness of their feelings. And in 2010, the couple finally formalized the relationship and got a second daughter. In March, a son was born in the family.

Thanks to her husband, Isla found not only family happiness, but also the role of a comedian. Baron Cohen taught her to be really funny and crazy. So the film "Intruders" appeared in her film box, in which the girl played the crazy nymphomaniac Gloria - a minor but extremely noticeable character, and a few years later the rom-com "Shopaholic" appeared, which made Fisher a world star. According to

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