Pharmacy creams: cheap and effective

Pharmacy creams: cheap and effective
Pharmacy creams: cheap and effective

Sometimes drugs do the job better than cosmetics! We have selected for you 10 pharmacy products with an unexpected effect.

Pharmacy creams: cheap and effective!

1. Enterosgel

A traditional remedy for intoxication of the body can save your appearance after a wild party. From a medical point of view, swelling under the eyes is water that is “stuck” in the fatty layer of the eyelids. To prevent this from happening, apply a layer of enterosgel under your eyes before going to bed. While you sleep, the gel will take away excess moisture, and in the morning you will have a much more joyful picture. Important: The gel dehydrates the skin, so immediately after washing your face in the morning, apply a moisturizing eye cream or make a mask.

Price - about 350 rubles

2. Cream F 99

A cream consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin F. Initially, the product was intended for the treatment of eczema and dermatitis, but it turned out that it also has a number of other properties. Firstly, this is the best remedy for combating skin flaking caused by chapping or sunburn. Secondly, the cream is indispensable for foot care: no cracks, burrs or roughness if applied daily at night. Thirdly, it returns elasticity and firmness to dry skin, is instantly absorbed, does not give a film effect. Fourthly, it helps to cope with acne and pimples, as it normalizes the sebaceous glands and exfoliates dead cells.

Price - about 120 rubles

3. Solution for droppers "Thiogamma"

Used to combat the effects of poisoning, "Thiogamma" is actually pure alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, accelerates skin cell renewal, helps fight acne, blackheads, wrinkles, the effects of sunburn, has detox effect. The consistency resembles plain water, it is applied to the skin in a thin layer before applying the usual care. Suitable only for oily and combination skin, as it dries the top layer.

Price - about 250 rubles.

4. Curiosin Gel

Its direct purpose is the fight against acne. But the principle of action allows you to use this gel as an anti-aging agent. As in the fight against acne, the key point is accelerated skin renewal, the growth of young he althy cells and deep hydration (the gel contains hyaluronic acid in a fairly high concentration) allows you to improve skin texture, smooth out fine wrinkles and improve complexion.

Price - about 500 rubles

5. Bepanthen

The active substance of the drug is pantothenic acid, it is also familiar to us provitamin B5. It is pantothenic acid that is the progenitor of vitamin A, which is responsible for skin regeneration processes. So, "Bepanten" is a real find for those who seek to renew the skin, soothe it, make it smoother and more even.

Price - about 350 rubles

6. "Kapsikam"

Warming ointment will help… hide cellulite! Apply it on the problem area, leave for 15-20 minutes (you will feel a slight burning sensation, the skin may turn red due to blood flow) and rinse with warm water. For a more pronounced effect, wipe the same areas with ice cubes. Visually, cellulite will disappear in 3-4 hours!

Price - about 200 rubles

7. "Blefarogel"

Excellent product for delicate skin of the eyelids with a high content of hyaluronic acid. Farewell, crow's feet!

Price - about 200 rubles

8. Arnica

It is generally assumed that this ointment will accelerate the resorption of hematomas and bruises. Which automatically means that it improves blood and lymph circulation, has a calming, decongestant and regenerating effect. You probably already guessed it: yes, it does a great job with dry skin, expression lines and loss of tone.

Price - about 150 rubles

9. Apilak

This ointment has been produced since Soviet times and since then has not lost its relevance as a means to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, fight acne and blackheads. The basis is royal jelly, known for its disinfecting and nourishing properties.

Price - about 100 rubles.

10. Relief

Price - about 300 rubles

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