10 Emotional Stages of Cleaning

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10 Emotional Stages of Cleaning
10 Emotional Stages of Cleaning

"Anger, protest, denial…frying pan." All classic

10 emotional stages of cleaning

1. You notice that by Friday there was somehow more rubbish and dust in the house. Strange, but I cleaned just yesterday. That is, you understand that they cleaned on Sunday, but it really was almost yesterday. Where did it all come from?

2. Doubts begin to cross in your soul. Should I clean up? No, it shouldn't yet. Why me? By the way, isn't it time to teach children to clean up? No, I can't. But do people somehow live in less clean houses? You secretly wish someone would come and clean the whole house while you turn away.

3. Are you turning around? It seemed. Nobody came or left. Too bad, that would be magical. You go into the nursery and start talking to yourself about how great it would be if your family lived obsessed with cleanliness. Husband, children. You would forgive them for any oddity, if only they cleaned and cleaned up after themselves like obsessed raccoons. You would even forgive them stripes and funny faces.

4. You are going strong. Yes, it shouldn't be like this anymore. You will leave now, but this will be the last time. Tomorrow you will buy children's vests and start teaching them how to clean.

5. You are leaving. Oh, the shell is gleaming. This is the first reward. What, the vacuum cleaner choked? Where does this wig come from? I would never have thought that so much dust accumulates behind the sofa in a week. Now a little more and it will be possible to afford a cup of tea.

6. Something strange is happening. You are into cleaning. Well, how can you leave the sheets unironed? I'll clean up some more and then I'll have some tea.

7. Once you've been through dusting, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom, doing laundry and ironing, you start to feel like a good housewife. It looks like you even lost a couple of pounds.

8. At that moment, you want someone to come and admire. Here right now. Even if it's the mother-in-law. What does "even" mean? Just let her come and admire!

9. You sit and enjoy the cleanliness. You did it! You are a hero who has accomplished such an impossible thing that you deserve a normal, complete rest and the admiration of the whole family. By the way, where are my raccoons, I miss you.

10. And here they come. Kids from school and husband from work. And… In the morning, you look at the pile of dishes in the sink, the scattered breakfast cereal under the table, and realize that the house again looks like it was never cleaned.

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