10 times he needs you most

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10 times he needs you most
10 times he needs you most

He can pretend until he's blue in the face that he doesn't care. Make sure he's okay. Hide experiences on the farthest shelf of the soul. Perhaps he really “doesn’t care” and is “okay” when something happens in his life that, in your opinion, requires support and participation. And if this is a good mine in a bad game? We interrogated the male author with prejudice and found out at what moments his brothers more often prefer that you give them your fragile female shoulder, and how to support a man in a difficult situation.

10 Situations When He Especially Needs You To Be There

How to support a man in difficult times

2. When his cousin uncle died. He may have seen him once every five years, and all his memories come down to how Uncle Petya was quietly getting drunk in the corner, playing the button accordion " Waves of the Amur,” and then he fell face down into the stuffed tomatoes, and Aunt Lusya apologized with an embarrassed smile and went to put him on the loggia. But the death of even distant relatives can have a depressing effect on a person. How to support a man in this situation? Think about what to say and try to find words of comfort.

3. When something went wrong with his friends. Boys also quarrel or worry that their friends do not understand them; they just don't always talk about it. And if he suddenly raised this topic - believe me, he needs your attentive ears at this moment no less than you need his tear-resistant vest when you complain about your girlfriend.

4. When he needs to choose a gift for his mother's birthday. Guessing with a gift is not an easy task at all, and choosing a gift for a woman… Your advice may come in handy. He might not even know that such things that you told him about exist in the world. Digital spoon-scale? An electric kettle? How is that?

5. When he goes to extract a tooth. Even before minor operations, many feel uncomfortable. So cheer up the sufferer a little. And remember that after anesthesia or sedation, happy that everything is over, the dentist's patient needs an escort - because he is still a little "high".

6. When he has to make an important decision on which his - and therefore yours - joint future depends. For example, about moving or career turns. Many wives and girlfriends take with hostility any hint of future changes, without even listening to the arguments of the second half. But you're not one of those, are you?

7. When he loses his job. He can seem content: he sleeps to his heart's content and watches TV non-stop. And at the same time, he's probably moping. What words to support a man? Remind him that you are with him, no matter what, support in depression and offer your help in preparing a resume will not be superfluous.

8. When he wants to quit his managerial position and focus on his rock band's performances. You can make a scandal and leave - or you can start drawing posters for them and starting pages on social networks.

9. When it's completely out of power. It can be tricky to date or live with a person who comes home, falls on the bed, and passes out after a day of work and evening classes. But oh, how he needs your understanding right now. It's easy to spank a person because he doesn't have enough strength for anything else, but it's senseless and cruel. Your patience will be rewarded when he has the time and energy. Maybe even this Saturday.

10. When he buys a new suit or jeans. Not every man needs advice in such matters. But if you need it, great. You have another great opportunity to show that you are irreplaceable!

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