Crimes against the waist and purse. The main mistakes when purchasing in supermarkets

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Crimes against the waist and purse. The main mistakes when purchasing in supermarkets
Crimes against the waist and purse. The main mistakes when purchasing in supermarkets

Have you ever come back from the supermarket asking, "What did I spend a lot of money on?"

Crimes against the waist and purse. The main mistakes when purchasing in supermarkets

If yes, then our in-store purchase policy will be helpful to you. We'll show you how to spend wisely and how to make impulse purchases without feeling guilty.

How to spend money wisely in the supermarket

You forget to eat before going shopping

This advice has almost become commonplace. Everyone knows that if you go to the store hungry, you can buy a bunch of extra stuff. But there is a second, hidden effect of shopping on an empty stomach: you immediately overeat as soon as you get home. And maybe you didn’t notice, but in the store you buy the very “extra” that you can quickly eat at home, barely leaving your bags.

Okay, everyone is so smart and everyone is so thoughtful, but what should I do if I'm already in the store and hungry? And this is where you need to eat. Buy a pie, yogurt, juice, chocolate bar, a pack of crab sticks (whatever you like) and have a snack before you go to the supermarket to fill your basket. Believe me, the cost of this snack will be much less than you spend on extra purchases in a hungry state. Do not forget also that a hungry person is simply less intelligent than a well-fed one, and you can simply pick up food at a different price than you intended.

You don't plan or record

And when you go shopping, take your grocery list with you. So you will be relieved of anxiety that you forgot something and you will not gain extra in reserve.

Shopping order

Man eats with his eyes. Therefore, if you start to fill an empty basket with cheese or sausages, you will most often take a larger package than you need. Start with the vegetable section. Your full shopping cart will feel soothing to your subconscious mind and you won't fall prey to shopping anxiety.

Don't buy stocks

Except when this product is on your list. The task of the store arranging the action is to unload its warehouses and move the products to the warehouse in your kitchen, charging you money for this. Did you think it was out of concern for you, the customer? No, everything is much simpler and more pragmatic.

Don't buy ready-to-cook or ready-to-cook foods

Gone are the days when you had to twist the handle of a meat grinder by hand. A combine or an electric meat grinder takes your time just to wash them after cooking. And the same cutlet, made by you or bought in a store, will differ in price up to 4 times. If your goal is to save money, cook at home. In addition, you will always know what exactly you put inside the cutlets. If you want, conduct an experiment somehow: buy meat and make pure meat cutlets out of it (without bread in minced meat). Freeze them in portions of several pieces and cook without restrictions for a week. And then calculate how much it would cost you to eat purchased ready-made cutlets, consisting of half vegetable protein.

You avoid buying canned food

You are holding yourself back from impulse buying

Happy mother - happiness in the family. If right in front of the cash register you want to buy a chocolate bar, do not deny yourself. From one bar the family will not go broke, and you will feel more satisfied than if you give yourself a hand and return home with full bags, but at the same time beech. Your good state of mind is worth these minor expenses. Don't like chocolate but want a new shower gel? Take it.

One impulse buy is fine, and you can even specifically schedule "fun stuff" on your shopping list and feel no more guilt. By the way, small impulsive purchases for children that you took with you to the store are also appropriate, and for the same reasons. Plan for them.

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