Stars supported the Parisians after a series of terrorist attacks

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Stars supported the Parisians after a series of terrorist attacks
Stars supported the Parisians after a series of terrorist attacks

The tragic news of the terrorist attacks in Paris, which claimed the lives of more than 130 people, plunged the world community into shock. The stars of Russian show business expressed their condolences and support to the citizens of France.

The stars supported the Parisians after a series of terrorist attacks

Last Friday the whole world was shocked by the tragic news from France. seven terrorist attacks were carried out in Paris as a result of which, according to the latest data, 132 people died. More people are injured, a few people are still missing.

Three explosions rocked the city near the stadium Stade de France, where at that moment the President of the country was at the Germany-France friendly match Francois Hollande. Shooting was also opened in one of the restaurants in the tenth district of the capital. In addition, at the same time as this event, terrorists shot the audience at a concert of an American rock band in the Bataclan hall.

At the moment, it has been established that behind these brutal killings of civilians is a terrorist organization "Islamic State", which immediately after the tragic incidents took responsibility. Information was leaked to the media that, according to IS, these actions were “a vendetta for Syria and a kind of 9/11 for France.”

All weekend, the whole world has been closely following the news from Paris. No one could remain indifferent to the grief of the French. The hashtag PrayforParis appeared on the Web, which marked all the condolences and words of support expressed on the Internet to Parisians. The stars of domestic show business also joined the general grief.

So, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak posted two photos on her Instagram, under one of which she wrote words of support: “Paris, we don’t sleep, we are with you!!!” (Spelling and punctuation of the author preserved). And a little later, she published a comment in which she spoke about the accumulation of our compatriots at the French embassy: “I just visited the French embassy. A huge number of people, the queue to put flowers for forty minutes. I am proud of my fellow citizens, not everything is lost here, since people are so able to empathize with the grief of another country. We are part of European culture, and the best that Russians have written, painted, built and created is connected with European culture. And we have a common grief” (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved).

Also journalist Tina Kandelaki shared her feelings about the terrorist attack with subscribers on the social network: “Anger, impotence and fear for all of us… Can anyone be the next victim? I very much hope that the terrorist attacks in France will force world leaders to unite in the face of the threat that has come to all countries today, without exception. Very sorry people, sincere condolences. prayforparis,” wrote the celebrity (author’s spelling and punctuation preserved).

Also, TV presenters Anfisa Chekhova, Olga Buzova and Lera Kudryavtseva also expressed their condolences and words of support to Parisians and the families of the victims , resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya and his wife, former gymnast Lyaysan Utyasheva, admitted that what happened is a terrible nightmare in reality, which you do not want to believe.

Singer Philip Kirkorov wrote on his Instagram that he is in Paris with all his heart and thoughts with those who witnessed this terrible night. Actress Maria Kozhevnikova posted on the social network a photo of Eiffel Tower, accompanying it with very personal and touching words of support: “Two years ago, on this day, day my birth, in anticipation of my first child, I was in Paris. I remember the magic that wraps France with every cell of my body … Shock. Darkness. I can’t believe it … Blow after blow, terrorism has no boundaries. This crime is not against the country and the nation, it is a crime against everyone, against all of us! I wish, I pray, I conjure that the World Leaders will come to their senses and continue their relationship not in a state of sanctions, but united. Unite to save our world! We mourn our very fragile, unprotected world…” (author’s spelling and punctuation preserved).

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