The threat of a terrorist attack - how to survive and not get hurt

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The threat of a terrorist attack - how to survive and not get hurt
The threat of a terrorist attack - how to survive and not get hurt

Recommendations to citizens from the Federal Security Service.

The threat of a terrorist attack - how to survive and not get hurt

rules of conduct in the event of a terrorist attack

Always monitor the situation around you, especially when you are at transport facilities, cultural, entertainment, sports and shopping centers, in order to understand in time if there is a threat of a terrorist attack.

If you find forgotten things, without touching them, inform the driver, employees of the facility, security services, police. Do not try to look inside a suspicious package, box, or other item.

Do not pick up abandoned things, no matter how attractive they look. Explosive devices can be camouflaged in them (in beer cans, cell phones, etc.). Do not kick objects on the ground outside. If suddenly the activation of security forces and law enforcement agencies began, do not show curiosity, go in the other direction, but do not run, so that you will not be mistaken for the enemy. In the event of an explosion or the start of shooting, immediately fall to the ground, preferably under cover (curb, trade tent, car, etc.). For greater safety, cover your head with your hands. Accidentally learning about an impending terrorist attack, immediately report the threat of a terrorist attack to law enforcement agencies.

Detection of a suspicious object that could be an explosive device

If you find a forgotten or abandoned item in public transport, ask people nearby. Try to establish whose it is and who could have left it. If the owner is not identified, immediately report the find to the driver (driver). If you find an unknown object in the entrance of your house, ask your neighbors, perhaps it belongs to them. If the owner is not identified, immediately report the find to your police station. If you find an unknown item in an institution, immediately report the find to the administration or security. In all of the following cases:

  • Do not touch, move, or open the detected item;
  • Fix the detection time of the item;
  • Try to do everything possible to get people as far away from the find as possible;
  • Be sure to wait for the arrival of the task force (remember that you are a very important eyewitness);

Remember: The appearance of an item can hide its true purpose. The most common household items are used as camouflage for explosive devices: bags, packages, boxes, toys, etc.

Get evacuation information

If you are in an apartment, do the following:

  • Take personal documents, money, valuables;
  • Turn off electricity, water and gas;
  • Assist in the evacuation of the elderly and seriously ill people;
  • Be sure to close the front door to the lock - this will protect the apartment from possible penetration of looters.

Crowd behavior

Avoid large crowds.

Don't join the crowd, no matter how much you want to see the events taking place.

If you find yourself in a crowd, let it carry you, but try to get out of it:

  • Inhale deeply and spread your arms bent at the elbows slightly to the sides so that the chest is not squeezed;
  • Stay away from tall and large people, people with bulky items and large bags;
  • Stay on your feet by all means;
  • Don't keep your hands in your pockets;
  • When moving, raise your legs as high as possible, put your foot on a full foot, do not mince, do not rise on tiptoe;
  • If the crush becomes threatening, immediately, without hesitation, get rid of any burden, especially a bag with a long belt and a scarf;
  • If something is dropped, do not bend over to pick it up;
  • If you fall, try to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. At the same time, do not lean on your hands (they will be crushed or broken). Try to stand on your soles or on your toes at least for a moment. Having found support, “emerge”, sharply pushing off the ground with your feet;
  • If you can't get up, curl up in a ball, protect your head with your forearms, and cover the back of your head with your palms;

Once in a crowded room, determine in advance which places are the most dangerous in case of an emergency (passages between sectors in the stadium, glass doors and partitions in concert halls, etc.), pay attention to emergency and emergency exits, mentally make your way to them.

The easiest way to hide from the crowd is in the corners of the hall or near the walls, but it is more difficult to get to the exit from there.

When panicking, try to remain calm and able to assess the situation soberly.

Do not join the protesters "for the sake of interest." First, find out if the rally is sanctioned, what the speakers are campaigning for.

Do not join unregistered organizations. Participation in the activities of such organizations may result in criminal pen alties.

During the riots, try not to get into the crowd, both participants and spectators. You can get under the action of special forces soldiers.

Taking hostages

If you are taken hostage, we recommend that you adhere to the following rules of conduct:

  • Sudden movement or noise can lead to a violent response from the terrorists. Prevent actions that can provoke terrorists to use weapons and lead to human casu alties;
  • Be prepared for terrorists to use blindfolds, gags, handcuffs or ropes;
  • Endure hardships, insults and humiliation, do not look criminals in the eye (for a nervous person this is a signal for aggression), do not behave defiantly;
  • Do not try to resist, do not show unnecessary heroism, trying to disarm a bandit or break through to an exit or window; if you are forced to leave the premises, saying that you are taken hostage, do not resist;
  • If you have children with you, find a safe place for them, try to close them from random bullets, stay close to them if possible;
  • Be careful, try to remember the signs of criminals, the distinctive features of their faces, clothes, names, nicknames, possible scars and tattoos, speech and demeanor, conversation topics, etc.

During the operation of the special services to free you, strictly observe the following requirements:

  • Lie on the floor face down, cover your head with your hands and don't move;
  • Never run towards or away from security forces as they may mistake you for a criminal;
  • If possible, stay away from doorways and windows.

Use of air transport

If possible, try to get a window seat at the rear of the plane.

Keep your registration time to a minimum.

Stay close to any cover and exit.

Study nearby passengers, pay attention to their behavior.

Discuss with family members what to do in a standard hijacking situation.

Try not to visit retail outlets and food outlets outside the airport security zone.

Report any unclaimed baggage or suspicious activity to flight crew or security personnel immediately.

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