Mingrelian chicken kharcho. Recipe from Tinatin Mzhavanadze

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Mingrelian chicken kharcho. Recipe from Tinatin Mzhavanadze
Mingrelian chicken kharcho. Recipe from Tinatin Mzhavanadze

When it's damp and cold outside, there's nothing better than a hearty hot meal. And if the recipe is written by the culinary guru Tinatin, then the hands themselves reach for the products in order to please loved ones and themselves, their beloved.

Mingrelian chicken kharcho. Recipe from Tinatin Mzhavanadze

Tinatin Mzhavanadze

Well-known blogger, author of the books "Georgian home cooking", "Lobio, satsivi, khachapuri, or Georgia with taste". An “individualistic Georgian woman”, as she describes herself, lives in Tbilisi, writes culinary bestsellers in which she talks about Georgia, its inhabitants and their national characteristics.

Don't argue with me: kharcho can be made from anything.

However, the most common homemade option is either bone-in beef or chicken.

Let's make chicken kharcho - believe me, it's almost satsivi, but it's much easier to do.

If you manage to catch somewhere a country bird, fattened with corn and fresh grass, consider that half the success is already in your hands, because you will have a luxurious rich broth. If you didn't catch it - take a frozen one, it's also good.

So, the washed and dismembered stupid bird lies in a bowl, and you meticulously prepare materials for its finest hour:

walnuts - two hundred grams, finely grind, a cup of rice, bulbs pieces 6-7 - crumble into dust, 1 large ripe tomato, green cilantro, 3-4 garlic cloves, mixture of spices for kharcho (we tell the seller so, he will pour it) - dry cilantro + ucho-suneli + marigolds (Imereti saffron), proportions 1:1:1, total - a tablespoon with a slide, tklapi (I can do without it), bay leaf, s alt, adjika.

If the chicken was rural, then its athletic trained meat requires pre-cooking - otherwise you will break your teeth. If a decent incubator homebody - put a pan, or better - a cauldron, and heat it. Pour a little oil, heat it up and throw in chicken pieces - let them quickly fry until golden brown. Then reduce the fire, add the onion, stir, and let it stew.

Meanwhile, do not sit around with coffee and a cigarette, but take a bowl and pour walnuts, spices into it, pour some cold boiled water and make a homogeneous gruel.

Add finely chopped cilantro greens to a mortar, where garlic and s alt are crushed (yes, in a mortar!) And turn it all into a green gruel (something I have only gruel).

Don't forget to keep an eye on the chicken along the way - stir, add water so that it is stewed until almost cooked.

Grated tomato (without skin, but what about) pour into a chicken company, mix, stew without a lid, then under the lid - well, it's just so that life does not seem like a raspberry.

Now pour the boiling water (or broth) into the pot, let it simmer for a minute and add the washed rice. Mixed - now leave the poor chicken, she already got it. While the rice is cooking, you can make it free and smoke.


Now pour the nut mass into the pan, stirring, let it boil, reduce the fire again. Put tklapi - although tomato sourness is enough for me.

Smells! Send the flavors, when will it be eatable, damn it!

Calm: the finish line. Inhale-exhale - go ahead!

Pour in green gruel (garlic with cilantro).

Throw a bay leaf.

Half a teaspoon of adjika.


Let the chicken enjoy her finest hour! Let it gurgle for the last five minutes.

Now take deep plates, pour kharcho and eat.

You can with bread, of course.

But authentic with corn hominy - gomi.

You can read other recipes in Tinatin's books: "Lobio, Satsivi, Khachapuri or Georgia with Taste" and "Book of Gastronomer. Georgian home cooking»

And you can also enjoy Tinatin's beautiful syllable on the TBILICLUB website or in LiveJournal.

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