Stars without makeup: we didn't recognize them

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Stars without makeup: we didn't recognize them
Stars without makeup: we didn't recognize them

Of course, we know that makeup can noticeably transform a woman, but some stars succeed in just wonderful metamorphoses! We have collected 15 stars without makeup and make-up, which make-up makes completely different people.

Stars without makeup: we did not recognize them!

Tyra Banks

Yes, yes, this is Tyra Banks. Not at all like on the red carpet, right? But it's great that Tyra herself posts her photos without makeup. Other girls who are not models can forget about complexes!

Naomi Watts

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Without makeup, Naomi Watts looks much older, and her eyes do not seem expressive at all. But, fortunately, both us and Naomi have cosmetics to look your best on occasion!

Reese Witherspoon

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But Reese Witherspoon without makeup, on the contrary, seems like a very small and defenseless girl. Maybe she shouldn't wear makeup at all?

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is hard to see without intense eye makeup, but she is already doing very well … And this is 43 years old! Some stars without makeup look great in the photo.

Pamela Anderson

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Not a sex bomb, but just a slightly tired Pamela carrying groceries from the store. Would you recognize a star without makeup and photoshop on the street? We are not!

Katy Perry

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Katy Perry loves "doll" makeup, which we would not recommend to anyone. But without makeup, Katie looks younger than her 30s - keep it up!

Dita Von Teese

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Here is such a sweet, charming and gentle Dita Von Teese without white powder, arrows and red lipstick. Of course, the star would hardly have become famous without her famous make-up, but in ordinary life she could easily afford it.


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Of course, for her 57 years, Madge looks great without makeup - we would all like to be the same at her age. True, on the red carpet, thanks to the efforts of the makeup artist, the singer is completely different!

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian does not look like herself without sculpting and a bright make-up, but now we at least believe that she is real! Show business stars without makeup look exactly like ordinary girls.

Kate Upton

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Problem skin and aristocratic pallor cannot be hidden behind dark glasses… By the way, this is model Kate Upton, if anyone hasn't recognized!

Eva Longoria

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Where did the bright eyes and clear cheekbones go? Without makeup, Eva Longoria looks like the most ordinary woman. After all, this is the power of cosmetics, we can do it too.


And this naughty girl - singer Adele without make-up. Usually Adele loves bright lipsticks and eyeliners, so it's hard to recognize her without them.

Cara Delevingne


Where did Cara Delevingne's expressive look go? Without smoky eyes, the star looks like an ordinary young girl, not a top model.

Russian stars without makeup

Lera Kudryavtseva

Lera Kudryavtseva almost never appears in public without makeup, so this Instagram photo of the star can be considered a real rarity.

Anfisa Chekhova

But Anfisa Chekhova is very natural - the TV presenter seemed to look 10 years younger when she washed off her makeup! Based on materials from

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