The phenomenon of the Soviet movie hero: who did the whole country really love?

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The phenomenon of the Soviet movie hero: who did the whole country really love?
The phenomenon of the Soviet movie hero: who did the whole country really love?

Soviet cinema gave us a galaxy of heroes that we all adored. But, however, these characters are not as simple as it seems at first glance. Whom did we all selflessly love? And were these Soviet movie heroes worthy of the title of “the most desirable character in the Soviet Union”? Let's find out.

The phenomenon of the Soviet movie hero: who did the whole country really love?

D'Artagnan, The Three Musketeers

Let's be honest: "our everything" is not Sasha Pushkin at all, but the gallant Gascon D'Artagnan. It is he who is the main character of our childhood: the idol of boys and the dream of girls. So he was before Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich decided to film the great novel. And after the image of D'Artagnan was embodied by Mikhail Boyarsky, the brave movie hero of Soviet films became in fact an icon. Why not? He is brave, noble, good-looking - but how does he sing, huh? D'Artagnan is our ideal. The love of D'Artagnan and Constance is the ideal of love.

Was there love? We are told that a hot young boy falls in love with someone else's wife and cannot resist the feelings. Yah? Let's see who Constance is. The girl who successfully jumped out in marriage is not a very nasty haberdasher, but she is rich and has connections at court. The young lady deftly settled down to the queen and believes that life is a success. And then - suddenly! - an ardent lover appears. Is he in love?

Constance is just a haberdasher's wife, and D'Artagnan is a nobleman. His father is a close friend of a high-ranking official. Could D'Artagnan not understand the intricacies of court life? No. He knew perfectly well that the best way to get to the court was through the bed. But are the maids of honor of noble origin interested in the offspring of an impoverished family? Of course not. But Constance is flattered. Not only is he young and handsome, but also a real nobleman! Alas, for her vanity, the fool paid with her life. Wouldn't a loving man try to talk his woman out of risky intrigues? Didn't he understand what it was like to fight with the head of state (as we remember, de facto this is Richelieu)? Understood, of course. But he got involved in a story with pendants to earn a ticket to the court. And that Constance, most likely, will perish ingloriously - so who counts them, these commoners?

In general, D'Artagnan's attitude towards women is very, very revealing. Let's take the maid whom he casually seduced in order to get to her mistress. Maybe he cared a little about Katie's feelings? No, nothing. But Milady worried him, oh yes! So worried that he did everything to cut off the poor thing's head. For what? For doing her duty, trying to keep the country from falling apart because of the queen's affair? For the fact that her husband, who turned out to be a friend of D'Artagnan, once tried to kill her, poor thing? Because she is too pretty - and even D'Artagnan clearly lusted after her? No. For being stronger, smarter and more successful. It was she who achieved everything that the young Gascon dreamed of when he was heading to Paris. It is impossible to compete with Milady, she is doing a provincial upstart in all respects. Execute her, you bastard! How low, gentlemen. How mean and pathetic.

Nestor Petrovich, "Big Break"

Who is Nestor Petrovich? This is, in essence, a teacher-ascetic. Try to teach something to people who, firstly, are older than you, and secondly, they are definitely more successful in their careers, and thirdly, they don’t really understand at all what the hell they got this education for. But the young teacher does not give up! Moreover, he runs after Fedoskin throughout the film, who, for a moment, his rival in love is a happy rival (as it seems to Nestor). Runs and persuades to return to school. What dedication! The young teacher does not spare himself, he devotes his whole life to these overgrown blockheads. And Nestor is so touching - small, fragile, awkward. I want to hug him, warm him, press him to my abundant chest, yeah. In general, everyone loved Nestor Petrovich.

Although in fact the innocent-eyed Nestor is a cowardly chauvinistic pig, a misogynist, a petty dirty trick and a bastard. Let's start with the fact that the bastard kidnapped someone else's bride and felt great about it. He killed the broad-shouldered handsome Fedoskin in no time, beautiful girls are not for uneducated turners, yeah. Whether business it - the scientist, elite! It is all the more pleasant to watch how Nestor breaks the mold when the girl Polina grabs a place in graduate school from him. A loving man, presumably, would be happy for his bride, but Nestor is indignant: a woman walked around him? Woman?! Her place is in the kitchen, not in the temple of science! But since no one shares his sexist views, Nestor abandons both Polina and science and proudly walks into the sunset.

That is, to the women's team, where he bathes in the rays of undeserved glory: he is patted on the head there just because he wears pants. It would seem that he healed his pride and work calmly, right? No. This is not enough for Nestor. With a persistence worthy of a better use, he climbs into someone else's personal life and imposes his own rules there. With a self-satisfied mug, he bursts into families and announces: “You are all fools and are not being treated!” Lednevs, Petrykin, Ganzha, Lyapishev - who, one wonders, hasn't been spoiled by Nestor Severov? Guessed everyone. Especially to poor Nellie, who had managed to fall in love with him. Judge for yourself: yesterday Nestor screwed himself like a snake into a strong couple and broke it, and today he blushes like a college girl, and does not know how to refuse a young lady in love so that the whole school does not laugh at her. Do you believe in it? Here we are not. In general, this mouflon is our Nestor Petrovich.

Zhenya Lukashin, The Irony of Fate

A character that only the lazy didn't trample on, but we just couldn't help but write about him. What, why did Zhenya Lukashin attract Soviet women so much? How could you love him, why? And for everything. Intelligent bachelors do not roll on the road! He is a doctor - this is one of the most prestigious professions (and a gold mine, if you know how to talk with patients correctly), while he is not a cynic, but a subtle, romantic nature - how he sings about ash, you can listen! They sort them out even at the institute, because this is a “successful party” - if you know how to handle it. This time. And two - Lukashin is the last romantic. Yes, he behaves ridiculously, but this is because he feels subtly, he is so vulnerable, so defenseless! Everyone wants to save him.

Save at the cost of your life, of course. Because Zhenechka Lukashin is the brightest representative of the type of men who break women's lives in the most sophisticated way: they throw them to the bottom of codependency. Infantile alcoholic - what could be worse? Worse can only be Zhenya Lukashin, who is also a sociopath, completely devoid of empathy. Just imagine yourself in Gali's place: he marinated her for several years, not pushing her away, but not daring to marry, and then he left her on New Year's Eve. By phone. Maybe he even apologized? No. He broke the relationship between Nadia and Hippolyte, and then whistled home, under his mother's wing. Did he invite Nadia with him? No. What can we say about him after that? That Zhenya Lukashin should be placed in formalin and placed in the Chamber of Weights and Measures. Because he is a reference bastard.

Gosha, aka Goga, aka Georgy Ivanovich, "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears"

Gosh is a "real man". Reference male. As he said, so be it! On the simple grounds that he's a man, yeah. Every woman, forced to embody all social roles at once, dreams that someone will come and take some of the burden off her shoulders. Well, in fact, it is very difficult: to raise a child alone, earn a living and build a career (because otherwise - how can a child survive, what happens? You need a pillow in the form of money, connections, position in society). But I also want to be a woman! Beloved woman, not mistress. These are two big differences. And Gosha, aka Goga, is the dream of all women who find themselves in this situation. This is a prince on a white horse, but not for a princess, but for a tired queen who no longer hopes for anything.

That's "does not hope for anything" - this is the key thesis. Gosha knew who to cling to and from whom to drink blood. Basically, who is he? Nobody. Jonah. No money, no career, no mind, no education. All this talk about the fact that someone should do menial work is in favor of the poor: Katerina had a much harder start, but she got to a high position because she is smart and purposeful. And Gosha, as he began to locksmith after vocational school, and intends to continue until retirement. Because he is not capable of more, so he puffs out his cheeks, philosophizing that he is de “s alt of the earth”. Why, one wonders, does he need Katerina?

And then he's a typical abuser. An insignificance that is looking for a victim to recoup for all its failures. It is free, of course, to rule over a woman who no longer hopes for anything: such a woman will take care of the “king”, obey him and adore him, and you can even beat her sometimes, tearing off her grievances for life on her. But first you need to break it and subdue it, which Gosha is trying to do in every way. And then he suddenly finds out that Katerina is not a downtrodden abandoned woman with no prospects, but an iron lady. Oh, poor gosh. He crawls into his dirty hole, tail between his legs, and there he drowns grief in vodka. Pierced! It was not a harmless roach that caught on the hook, but a shark that would bite his legs at the expense of times. Therefore, the legs must be done. Fast. And when they pulled him out of this hole - what did he do? Maybe explained? Maybe he apologized for his sudden disappearance? No. He blamed Katherine for everything. What a bastard, huh? No, not even a creep.

Karl Friedrich Jerome, "The same Munchausen"

This is a great movie. This is a great actor. This is a great role. And, of course, this is the character that everyone dreamed of. Because he is different. A gloomy genius and a nonconformist, an opponent of the system, a person who will never be inside a phenomenon, but will always be above it. A true revolutionary: not the one who blows up the palaces, but the one who undermines the mossy foundations. Who wouldn't want to be in Martha's place? Everyone wanted. Just because Mr. Baron could only love a special girl. And everyone wants to be special, of course.

What is it like to be Martha? This is a terrible fate. As we remember, the baron was officially married, and the ex-wife did not want to lose his fortune from the hands. By a happy coincidence, the duke still signs a divorce decree, and Munchausen can be free. What is he doing? He turns the meeting into a farce, after which he is declared insane. Everything, finita. No divorce, no new marriage. To marry Martha, the baron fakes suicide. Understood, accepted, realized? Yes, where is it. He is a genius - you see, he does not like the life of a simple florist, but he blames Martha for everything. The unfortunate woman leaves, and what remains for her?

Everything. The baron is free, he can resurrect and continue to troll the venerable society, it would seem. But this is not enough for him. Butterfly flew out of the web, the spider has not had enough! Gotta get her back! Mister Baron rises from the dead only to shout: "Honey, I'm back, I'm back and I love you!" The unfortunate woman has just gone through a severe break, only recovered from the collapse of her hopes, but now she is forced to disgrace herself in front of the whole city, to ask for mercy on her "abnormal husband". Because he is uncontrollable, he will destroy himself. At the last moment, Martha refuses to play the part because she still loves the baron.

And how does he thank her for that? "I love you!" - “Not that!”, “I will be faithful to you!” - "Don't", "They put raw gunpowder, Carl!" - here it is. The Soviet movie hero invites everyone to envy - no one has such a woman. They put in raw gunpowder, and Martha - Martha put in life. Now where is she to climb into the noose? She, in fact, killed the man she loved all her life. She killed because he forced her to. Forced to prove his love in the most terrible way possible. You know, it seems to us that flying on a cannonball is too lenient a punishment for this. Based on materials from

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