8 invisible enemies of your style

8 invisible enemies of your style
8 invisible enemies of your style

Get rid of them and your look will always be flawless!

8 invisible enemies of your style

It happens that you thoroughly thought out your exit, but one annoying little thing, which was not at all part of your fashion plans, took and spoiled the general impression of the beautiful you. Familiar situation? We've rounded up 8 sneaky enemies of your style and invite you to take a close look at them and deal with them!

Sweaters and pullovers pulled up shoulders

This little thing will cause a lot of questions from others about the model of your sweater and whether someone pulled you up by the shoulders. This is due to cheap plastic hangers not designed for things that can pull out.

Solution to the problem. You can avoid such trouble very easily - store woolen things folded or spend money on a good hanger of the correct form.

Protruding hanger loops

Yes, yes, we are talking about those very "invisible" loops designed to hang clothes on a hanger. Unfortunately, these generally useful devices tend to show up in the most inappropriate situations - for example, during a first date or interview. It looks messy and distracts from your image. In addition, these loops may ruin the fit of some items.

Solution to the problem. Cut them off mercilessly and get textured hangers to keep clothes from slipping off.

The belt that came with the dress"included"

The problem with these belts is that they are nothing. Most often (especially in cases with mass-market items), the manufacturer does not take the design and quality of such belts seriously. Therefore, they are usually thin and disposable, which makes them look cheap and spoil the overall impression of your outfit.

Solution to the problem. Just replace such a strap with a really high-quality and beautiful strap. Do not spare money on it - a good belt will come in handy more than once.

No heels on shoes

Your favorite shoes lost their heels a couple of weeks ago, but you continue to wear them to work, even if you “click” with your heels on the whole floor? Congratulations - the attention of those around you is provided, but you should definitely not expect enthusiasm. Many people believe this is a sign that your shoes are worn out.

The solution to the problem. The simplest and most obvious thing is to take your shoes to the workshop, where for a small fee they will supply you with heel heels.

Side loops on dress

Another loop that you absolutely do not need and can easily ruin any look with their stupid look. Their main function is to hold the aforementioned “included” belt or sash in place while the dress is hanging on a hanger in the store.

Solution to the problem. Just cut them off. You already know where your waist is and where to put your belt on, right?

Sewn-together tops

Most jackets, jackets, trench coats and coats have X-stitched back hem. This is dictated by the desire of the manufacturer to avoid ugly creases, folds and tears in the process of transporting things from the factory to the place of its sale. In life, such lines look ugly.

Solution to the problem. Spread these lines and carefully iron (steel) the thing. You will immediately notice how her appearance will change for the better.

Crumpled things

Wrinkles in clothes - part of life? Yes, but only if they appeared after a long day. But the constant stay in wrinkled clothes will make you in the eyes of others a lazy slob who is not familiar with the iron.

Solution to the problem. First, finally sort out the wardrobe and get rid of the bad habit of throwing clothes in the closet at random. Second, make friends with the steamer.

Brand tags on sleeves or anywhere visible

Brands (designer's name) deliberately visible on clothes have long been considered bad form. And such labels, again, are more of a practical function - it is more convenient for clothing manufacturers to pack ready-made items when the brand is marked on the outside. You don't need those tags.

Problem solving. Yes, you guessed it - scissors will save you again. Don't think twice before cutting them off. Based on materials from cosmo.ru.

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