Fabulous relationships: 10 secrets of joint happiness

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Fabulous relationships: 10 secrets of joint happiness
Fabulous relationships: 10 secrets of joint happiness

The ideal model of relationships - it is ideal for that, to strive for it. Not everyone succeeds. But mutual respect is the elephant on whose back any he althy relationship is kept. This is not just a beautiful word - it is a whole "code of honor". Do you want love, like in a fairy tale? Then remember that the right, wise prince tries to follow these 10 secrets of happiness, and the right princess pays him exactly the same.

Fairy Tale Relationships: 10 Secrets of Joint Happiness

1. You are always interested in each other's opinions. Willingly ask for advice on whether to transfer to another department at work or how to make up with a friend / girlfriend. You may not always follow this advice, but your partner's opinion is important to you.

2. You don't try to control each other's lives. Trust and understand that your soul mate has their own interests and personal space.

3. Don't get jealous when he/she goes out with friends.Don't check someone else's phone. Do not rear up if you were walking down the street and met his/her acquaintance. You are confident in the stability of your fabulous relationship and, more importantly, trust your partner and respect his/her right to private time.

4. You are honest with each other, even when you are not sure that you will like your answer. Share doubts, worries and stories about your past, even if you think that the other of you might not approve of something. Don't hide any aspect of your personality because you know you will be understood and accepted.

5. You are always on each other's side. If one argues with someone, the other will support him and believe that he is right, even if he only heard his version of the story.

6. You don't fool each other's heads. Neither of you cancel plans at the last minute to hang out with friends. If plans are frustrated, then due to extraordinary circumstances, and the culprit always apologizes for what happened. You don't have a habit of dynamizing each other and disappearing without warning.

7. You support the undertakings of the second half. Rejoice in the success of each other, he believes in you, and you - in him, and no one will say: “Are you crazy / gone? You don’t understand anything about this,”if the second decides to try work in a new field. Experienced couples call this item one of the main secrets of happiness.

8. There is no place for criticism between you. He knows that you are a reasonable, adult person and capable of taking responsibility for your decisions and their consequences, and you can say the same about him.

9. You don't have the habit of lying. And you don't feel the need to hide anything from each other. He shares stories with you about everything from drinking too much on a business trip to getting a text from an ex, and you can tell him anything.

10. You both understand that your partner doesn't have to agree with you on everything. Even if your opinions differ on everything from politics to your favorite movies, everyone understands that you both have the right to personal opinion. He respects your point of view, even if it doesn't match his. You, too, are able to listen to him calmly, even if you disagree. This is what family happiness is made of.

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