9 secrets of his past that he is in no hurry to share with you

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9 secrets of his past that he is in no hurry to share with you
9 secrets of his past that he is in no hurry to share with you

What kind of "terrible" men's secrets does your loved one hide? Maybe he, like the knight Bluebeard, has a secret room in which he hides the corpses of previous wives? Do you really want to find the key and peek? Most likely, he does not protect secrets from you, but you from secrets. And they're not that terrible. It's just that you shouldn't know and ask unnecessary questions…

9 secrets of his past that he is in no hurry to share with you

1. How many women he had. He will say that a lot - you will pout, consider him frivolous, jealous. He says that it is not enough - it will not look cool. No matter how much, now he is with you. And that's exactly what you shouldn't ask a man about.

2. That he left someone in the most ugly way. He was young and stupid and now he's embarrassed to think about it.

3. If he ever took a breakup too hard. Did you know he once spent a whole week in bed in his youth crying and skipping lectures when a girl cheated on him? Not? That's good. Keep unnecessary questions to yourself.

4. About his childish eccentricities that cannot be explained in terms of adult logic. Everyone was a stupid child, and everyone had some embarrassing moments. I don’t even want to give examples: remember yourself, only honestly. And think about what you don't want to admit.

5. About some of his tricks at the institute. A story about his student years has to be passed through a filter by many. No one wants to be judged by that crazy time: after all, he is no longer the person who was able to tumble into the window in the middle of a lecture, land right under the professor’s feet, breathing fumes, ask: “Is this the 305th auditorium? How is the 306th? Oh, sorry,” and disappear the same way it came from.

6. How does he really feel about that girlfriend you have some suspicions about? It doesn't mean there's anything to worry about. But if a spark slipped between him and an old acquaintance, in a conversation with you he will try to belittle the strength of his interest in her. Even if he has nothing to hide, he doesn't want to worry you for no reason.

7. About how he once spent one night with someone. This is a story for friends, sharing it with a loved one is a little strange. Some men's secrets should remain secrets.

8. About some of the fantasies he has while masturbating,because they can be with a weirdo. Fantasies are what fantasy is for, to be different from real life, right? Sometimes it's better not to know what your partner was looking for on the Internet. Someone is watching such things, and purely according to the theory of probability, maybe this is your man? Or maybe not. Who knows. Everything is fine.

9. Has he ever cheated on his partners. Maybe he did something stupid in the past and doesn't want you to think less of him because of it. The less you know, the better you sleep!

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