Magic recipe from Maria Kiseleva

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Magic recipe from Maria Kiseleva
Magic recipe from Maria Kiseleva

The famous athlete is celebrating the sixth anniversary of her favorite project - "Christmas Trees on the Water" - and is preparing several new bright shows for the premiere.

The recipe for magic from Maria Kiseleva

Maria, every year you present a new performance to the public. What will viewers see this year?

Our performance is called "Recipe for Magic". In general, we remain true to ourselves, connecting three spaces - water, land and air - and uniting various sports and arts. The audience will see the performances of eminent athletes who take part in well-known world projects. Synchronized swimming and diving stars, flying gymnasts, theater and circus performers, dance groups, flyboard and jet ski champions… In total, more than 70 athletes and artists are involved in the performance. We create everything ourselves: we have our own original script, music, scenery and costumes.

As for the plot, this year we decided to return to the New Year theme. A gust of wind blows one of the toys from the Christmas tree, it comes to life and goes on a journey through different fairy tales to collect the ingredients of magical ice cream, give it to Santa Claus and return the magic. In the final, of course, everyone is waiting for a happy ending: good triumphs over evil!

As usual, the premiere will take place in Moscow. The next year, this performance will go to St. Petersburg, a year later - to Kazan. We have been working on this principle for more than a year. This year the St. Petersburg audience will see an updated version of our last year's performance "Save the Northern Lights". And in Kazan we will show the audience's favorite "Land of Dreams" - a journey through the dreams of a boy and a girl.

We decided that we do not have enough aquabike, so the audience is in for a surprise - world champions in this sport will perform for them. And we are back to where we started. One of the most spectacular moments of our previous shows was the appearance of the Christmas tree from under the water. The audience loved it! For the last two years we have not done anything like this in Moscow, but now we have decided to revive the tradition. This story traditionally causes the effect of “wow!” in the stands.

Has the economic crisis affected your work in any way? Maybe I had to save on something?

We all live in the same conditions, therefore, of course, everyone is experiencing difficulties now. You have to somehow adapt. But the New Year is the New Year, and people cannot be left without a holiday, and even more so children. Therefore, we find various options to make our performance as interesting as possible than it was before.

New Year's show on the water is a unique project, you have no competitors in Russia. And abroad? There are many different projects, interesting and wonderful. But there are no analogues of such a story. We have been working with projects on the water for 12 years, connecting different elements and spaces, sports and art. Of these, we have been engaged in full-fledged performances for six years, and we position them as performances for the whole family, and not just for children. There are a lot of plans and ideas, we strive to develop further.

How much time do you spend working on a new show? Basically a whole year. When we finish one show, we immediately move on to the next one. I will say even more: even when the season is on, we already, in principle, know what we will do next year.

Hard work! How do you find the strength to drag this work year after year without a break? I'm interested! This is the case when a hobby and passion becomes a job, so it brings joy. Creativity inspires, and you enjoy the process, the result. I think this is where happiness lies. And when there is still an opportunity for close people to work with you, children - this, in general, it seems to me, is the highest point of coincidence. Even if I get tired of something, I never have the thought of stopping. Your eldest daughter Dasha has been participating in productions for several years. Will the audience see her this year too? Yes, she will appear as an artist-athlete with her colleagues from our sports school. Dasha is seriously engaged in synchronized swimming.

And she will work as a full-fledged artist, that is, three performances a day for two weeks? In general, yes. All our girls are so busy. Although, of course, they have replacements - after all, they are still small. In addition, the girls continue to train between performances. They have some kind of sports camp.

But what about holidays during the holidays? Our children get great pleasure from participating in performances, they are happy to spend time like this. You can't even call it work. It is not yet known who enjoys more: young artists whose eyes glow with happiness. Or adult guests, our spectators, who are touched in the stands, looking at little girls who swim on a par with adult artists. In general, it should be noted that all the participants in our performances put their soul into the work. They do not mechanically perform movements, but get joy from the process, transmit their emotions to the auditorium. And the audience feels it!

Does your youngest daughter Sasha also do synchronized swimming? She is fond of many things - dancing, drawing. This year she began to try herself in synchronized swimming - she goes to classes 3 times a week. In general, we still have a test pen in different areas.

Does she have the potential to become an athlete like her mother? Let's wait and see. My task is to show my daughter a different range of possibilities. I want her to try a few things and find out what she really likes, what turns her on and what she can't live without. Only then will Sasha be able to achieve some results. In what her talent will be manifested, in that we will develop further. While she likes everything at once, so I don’t even know what will come of it. Let's see.

The heroes of your New Year's fairy tale are looking for a recipe for magic. And what are the ingredients of the New Year for your family? Christmas tree, tangerines, snow, wish fulfillment and magic. And most importantly - love and care. Probably so.

Do you have any traditions? The most important thing is to celebrate the New Year with the whole family. This is a must for the holiday.

Do girls still believe in Santa Claus? The younger one definitely believes, but the older one tries to prove to her that there is no Santa Claus. We adults hold on to the fact that the wizard still exists. Dasha says: “Come on, mom! No Santa Claus!" And the youngest looks and does not understand whom she should listen to - her mother or sister. Who to trust?

Do they write letters to him? Definitely! And before the New Year they are sent by mail to Veliky Ustyug. They do this in advance, three weeks before the New Year - the grandfather must not only receive a letter, but also have time to put a gift under the Christmas tree. - Do you manage to look into the envelope before sending it to find out what is written there? Children usually tell everything themselves, and more often they even show what letter they wrote. Well, we, adults, can only wait for the magic with the children!

Author: Elena Shumina Photo: Anna Pavlova

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