Are you ready to become a parent? 4 questions people rarely ask themselves

Are you ready to become a parent? 4 questions people rarely ask themselves
Are you ready to become a parent? 4 questions people rarely ask themselves

Whether you decide to get pregnant in your 20s or 30s, or choose to live without children, a few simple questions to yourself will help you make a more informed decision.

Are you ready to become a parent? 4 questions people rarely ask themselves

It has always been a difficult choice at all times: to give birth now or to wait with conception until a more favorable moment. And most simply leaned towards the option "you can never be completely ready for the birth of a child." We'll give birth somehow, and then we'll see. But in this enlightened age of contraception, women have the right to decide for themselves how and when to dispose of part of their lives.

Am I ready to slow down or end my career?

Even superhero moms admit that taking care of kids doesn't go well with hard work. Therefore, be honest: you have little chance of getting into the 1% of women who somehow combine it. And if you feel super-powered in yourself, think about the price you have to pay. This is double stress for you, whatever one may say.

You should recognize that your experience, knowledge and merit, even for one year of caring for a child, will lose most of their value. And your career growth will slow down a lot or you will have to start all over again in another place. Inspiring stories from the series, it's just a beautiful fairy tale written by the writers.

Therefore, seriously think about your financial security: will your job remain with you if you go on maternity leave? How easy will it be for you to find a job in your speci alty in a new place?

Sometimes the best strategy is to first secure more or less sustainable prospects (at least get a job in a serious company that abides by the law) and only then devote yourself entirely to birth and upbringing.

Is my partner ready to be a father?

One of the most common misconceptions women have about men is: "I'll tell him I'm pregnant and then he'll start behaving like a man."

Yes, it happens sometimes, some men wake up with responsibility and accept their future fatherhood as a fait accompli. But this happens sometimes and not for everyone. Most often, the opposite happens, the woman is left to solve "her problems" alone. Oh, he doesn't even have to leave you, he just won't do anything special.

So always be honest and open about how you both plan to be involved in having and raising a child. Many couples break up shortly after the birth of a baby under the yoke of stress. And if you have relationship problems now, it makes sense to solve them in advance. After that, there will simply be no time, and there will be even more problems.

Sometimes discussing your co-parenting is a good test to see if you should even continue the relationship.

How will I survive being reclusive?

If you like to hang out with friends often, go to visits and parties, you will have to give it up for at least a year. Your new acquaintances will be fellow mothers, and parties will take place in the sandbox. And while you build relationships with a new circle of friends, it will take some time. You will have to be patient and prepare for a period of loneliness. In this case, your partner will be your only and closest friend, and not only your material well-being, but also your mental he alth will depend on him. Another reason why you should discuss this together.

At what age do I want to be a parent?

Now that medicine allows giving birth with minimal risk in a wide age range, many believe that they can postpone the child issue until later. It is, but look a little further. Do you want to be the parent of a 10 year old at 50?

This is not irony or mockery, but quite a serious adult question. There are advantages and disadvantages to both giving birth at 20 and 40. When you are young, you are usually less we althy but more energetic. With age, you become more tolerant and wiser, but you can be much more tired of childish chores. The question is what do you personally consider the appropriate age for yourself.

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