6 Unobvious Signs of Your Persistent Financial Trouble

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6 Unobvious Signs of Your Persistent Financial Trouble
6 Unobvious Signs of Your Persistent Financial Trouble

Several reasons to reconsider your attitude to money and habits associated with it

6 Unobvious Signs of Your Constant Financial Problems

Signs of financial problems in the family

You shop with reusable bags

Most people who come to the store with their bags or packages believe that in this way they contribute to the preservation of the environment. And only a small part of buyers honestly admits to themselves that they save on packaging. We will not comment on these reasons. But researchers from the Harvard Business School, studying consumer behavior, found that people who do not buy packaging bags in stores are much more prone to budget overruns. In purchases of this category of people, expensive sweets and delicacies are much more common, costing out of the cost of other purchases.

Scientists believe that the mechanism of self-deception here is as follows: you see several signs of your cautious behavior (your bag, discounted goods), calm down and break your brakes on sweets. Therefore, you buy the most expensive ones that are in the store. There is something to pay attention to, thinking about financial problems and ways to solve them.

You buy things on credit

It's simple here. Any consumer loan is your theft of your own future. That is, you are living beyond your means. When it comes to daily meals on credit, everything is very bad. You do not earn enough to afford these foods, and are unlikely to earn in the future. This is an occasion to reflect on your current income situation, and not to postpone the decision of the issue until later.

Expensive purchases. Basically, people do them to feel successful against the background of others. Bad news: it's an illusion. Others are pretty indifferent to how you look, they are concerned about how they look. How can financial problems be solved? You can painlessly stop this credit arms race, and, by and large, no one will notice that you have not had a new fur coat for a year. (But you didn't get on Doshirak because of this purchase).

The only meaningful reason to take out a loan is to buy capital goods. If a new truck brings you more money in a month than you pay off the loan for it, this is at least somehow justified. If your credit-mobile is rusting under the window, then, of course, you have wiped your neighbor's nose. But only you yourself know about it.

You are part of the 39 percent

You pay minimum credit card payments

This is another illusion of prosperity. Banks are not inclined to charity, and even under the most humane credit conditions, your debt in this case does not decrease, or decreases very slightly. After a few months of this practice, you will find that you paid, paid, and still owe a lot. Money, in fact, is simply burned in the firebox. How to solve such financial problems? If you already use a credit card, make repayments only during the interest-free grace period, not later, and always pay more than the minimum payment.

You have minor debts that are more than 6 months old

You are in the wrong place

Microfinance institutions, payday loans or pawnshops charge you with completely obscure percentages. A kind of "stupidity tax". If you have to contact such offices, this is an alarm signal that you do not know how to handle money at all. And every time you borrow money at interest, you become a victim of self-deception that a little more and everything will work out for you. It won't get better. In order to solve a problem, it must be acknowledged. Not a single leaky pocket in the world has yet been patched up with debts.

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