Charlie Sheen tested positive for HIV

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Charlie Sheen tested positive for HIV
Charlie Sheen tested positive for HIV

The Western press has declassified the name of the actor who has been a carrier of HIV infection for many years.

Charlie Sheen has HIV

Western media are full of headlines about the positive HIV status Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen. All publications refer to an article published by the American tabloid National ENQUIRER, which says that the journalists of this portal have been trying for several months to find out the truth about the celebrity's he alth. A year and a half of investigations, collecting rumors and fishing documents out of the trash, surveillance and bribing insiders - all these activities helped to reach a verdict on this matter. National ENQUIRER reports that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive.

The actor never hid his wild lifestyle and even in several interviews boasted that more than five thousand women had been in his bed. He also stated that men have repeatedly become his partners. Given such a hectic sex life of a star, many people have a question - how many could he infect with HIV? According to rumors, the actor's four mistresses were infected by him, but he paid them large sums as compensation so that the women kept a secret.

A close friend of Sheen, who wished to remain anonymous, told the tabloid that Charlie was always careless about his he alth, considered himself "immortal" and never used contraception. Now, according to an insider, the actor is worried that after his death he will be remembered not as a good actor, but as a person who infected a large number of people with an incurable infection.

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