Global stars cancel concerts in France

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Global stars cancel concerts in France
Global stars cancel concerts in France

U2 and Foo Fighters, singers Marilyn Manson and Prince, actress Natalie Portman and many other stars have decided to cancel their visits and performances in France and other European cities.

World stars cancel concerts in France

In connection with a series of terrorist attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 132 people, world stars, whose tour schedule included concerts in French cities, decided to celebrate their performances. Each of the artists considered it necessary to honor the memory of the dead with mourning and also, for security reasons, not to create again a large crowd of people, which, as a rule, is the goal of terrorists.

So, U2 canceled their Saturday concert, which was supposed to be broadcast on US TV channels. Outrageous Marilyn Manson also informed his French fans that previously scheduled shows will be rescheduled for January next year, but, nevertheless, the singer will perform a concert in Brussels on November 18. In addition, the American artist Prince, who was supposed to present his show in several European cities, also canceled them. His agent said the decision was linked to the Paris attacks.

Rockers Foo Fighters have decided to suspend their big European tour for an indefinite period. They were supposed to perform in front of fans in Paris, Leon, Turin and Barcelona. In addition to representatives of the music world, the actress Natalie Portman, who was supposed to attend the canceled premiere of the film "Jane Gets a Gun" in Paris.

But many stars, on the contrary, decided not to cancel their scheduled shows and perform in front of a distressed audience. So, the eccentric singer Madonna performed the song Like a prayer in Stockholm and burst into tears right on the stage from overwhelmed feelings. Thus, she decided to honor the memory of all the dead.

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