5 things you shouldn't say to your dieting friend

5 things you shouldn't say to your dieting friend
5 things you shouldn't say to your dieting friend

If, of course, you are really friends with her

5 things you shouldn't say to your dieting friend

Come on, let's order pizza

It's like how smokers tease those who just quit. Admit to yourself honestly what drives you at this moment: your awkwardness for yourself, the feeling of loneliness in your habits? These are normal, natural feelings, but you don’t need to drown someone who gets out of the vicious circle of gluttony. It is unlikely that you wish your girlfriend well, you are just envious or bored. Because if you want to eat your usual food, you do not have to force others to share it with you. So, be honest with yourself, eat yourself, don't hit the person.

"But you're so skinny! You don't need to lose any more weight!”

Better yet, tell her regularly that you appreciate her in any body and it doesn't matter to you how much she weighs. But at the same time, note that you see her efforts and respect her determination.

“Oh, well, who loses weight on cucumbers? Here I am…”

Again, your personal experience is just your experience. If you have not been asked directly, with the help of which you yourself have lost weight, do not meddle with unforgiven advice. Are you a nutritionist? Even if yes, wait until you are asked for advice. Ironically, it's the certified dietitians who never get bogged down with their vision, because they know that in order to give proper nutritional advice, you need to take into account many factors and collect a lot of information about the patient. Over a cup of coffee at lunchtime, such issues are not resolved.

Let's have a drink

First of all, alcohol has enough calories on its own. Secondly, it makes you hungry and removes internal restrictions. Do you want to become your friend's worst enemy? Not? Refrain from any invitation to drink together. while she is on a diet.

Have you tried the Himalayan diet?

Chur, experiments - on cats. Not on living people. There are many fads that come and go with fashion. Your girlfriend, if you really appreciate her, should not become a guinea pig to satisfy your curiosity.

What can you do? Just be there, support and encourage her. She is an adult girl and smart enough to figure it out herself. All you need is faith in her intelligence and a little admiration if you see the positive results of her efforts.

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