New Year's abroad. 8 budget places to meet the holiday

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New Year's abroad. 8 budget places to meet the holiday
New Year's abroad. 8 budget places to meet the holiday

Do you want to go somewhere, and the exchange rate only contributes to stress? We have chosen several beautiful, cozy, and, most importantly, not terribly expensive places to stay.

New Years abroad. 8 budget places to meet the holiday

Budapest, Hungary

The New Year's holiday here is called Sylvester, and the New Year's menu is goulash and Tokay. Go to the Buda Castle, admire the views of the Danube, then walk along the streets of the city, then - in the thermal springs, there are more than 120 of them.

Transylvania, Romania

Old Gothic architecture will create the right mood: to the right you go - Dracula's castle of the XIV century, to the left - ancient ruins and ruins, straight ahead - monasteries and towers. Wine in Romania, by the way, is incredibly tasty.

Jasna, Slovakia

During the day people go skiing and snowboarding or just wallow in the snow and admire the Tatras, and in the evening they soak in the pools - hot thermal springs. For a change, you can go to the Demänovskie ice caves and tickle your nerves, imagining how the permafrost has returned, or go to Bratislava.

Vitebsk, Belarus

A small and incredibly cozy city on the Western Dvina: clean streets, beautiful houses and old churches. Take a look at the Chagall House Museum, take a walk along the Town Hall Square, make your own rating of potato dishes and Belarusian desserts.

Yerevan, Armenia

Walk in the ancient fortress of Erebuni and the architectural complex Cascade, from where you can look at the city from the highest point. Study ancient manuscripts in the Matenadaran Museum. Eat barbecue, drink wine and not worry about anything.

Tbilisi, Georgia

This ancient city with more than a thousand years of history is simply made to celebrate the New Year: ancient cathedrals and churches, narrow streets, mountains around and no one is in a hurry. Visit the unique sulfur baths (also old), try at least ten types of khinkali, drink meat and cheese with red wine and don't beat yourself up for excesses.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Quiet and very beautiful city: you can just walk along the streets and boulevards and enjoy the views, you can go to the ancient Thracian fortress of Serdika, appreciate the cultural layers and the restored church of the 4th century, or you can accept the gastronomic challenge and become a fan of Bulgarian cuisine forever.

Riga, Latvia

Firstly, it is very beautiful, and secondly, a rare combination of pure European style and the Russian language. Meet the holiday on the Town Hall Square, and then go for a walk in the Old Town, drink mulled wine and listen to the organ in the Dome Cathedral.

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