How to choose facial cleansing according to skin type: detailed instructions

How to choose facial cleansing according to skin type: detailed instructions
How to choose facial cleansing according to skin type: detailed instructions

If you want to have perfectly smooth skin, then regular cleaning trips cannot be avoided. We decided to compile a detailed guide so that you can choose the right type of facial cleansing for your skin type or problem.

How to choose facial cleansing for your skin type: detailed instructions

Of course, when you come to a beauty salon, you must first consult with a beautician, and only then choose a procedure. However, there are several types of skin and types of skin problems for which you can choose the type of cleaning (for example, ultrasonic facial cleansing or laser facial cleansing) by following our guide!

Ilmira Petrova

doctor-cosmetologist, leading specialist of the Lantan clinic

Normal skin - ultrasonic cleaning

Normal skin is elastic, well hydrated and circulated, sebum is also produced normally, pores are almost invisible, no blackheads. Is anyone really that lucky? If this is about you, then keep in mind that even perfect skin requires care.

For trouble-free skin, the best option would be deep cleaning with ultrasound, for example, on the Skin Master machine. Ultrasound allows for peeling of varying degrees of depth, moisturizing the skin in deep layers and stimulating blood circulation. Another option worth trying is a vacuum facial.

Also, to maintain the effect, it would be nice to carry out the fibrostrike procedure once every three months. The technique combines cleansing, smoothing the skin texture, as well as a rejuvenating effect, since one of the active stages of the procedure is nourishing the skin with a special preparation, which is a balanced complex of amino acids, trace elements, vitamin C and biotin.

Oily skin - biorevitalization

If you have oily skin prone to shine, but do not have such problems as acne and blackheads, then try to do some biorevitalization procedures. The very name of this method means "natural revival". The skin is saturated with hyaluronic acid and well moisturized. This treatment is best for cleansing oily skin.

Acne, blackheads and enlarged pores - some types of peeling and fibrostrike

Enlarged pores, blackheads, frequent pimples (acne) and oily sheen - all these signs are characteristic of oily skin type. It, unlike other skin types, is often prone to inflammation due to the active secretion of sebum.

It is also possible to carry out hardware techniques to normalize the skin condition: ultrasonic facial cleansing (Skin Master), which also helps to cope with black spots, aquadermogenesis, fibrostrike, OxyLift. For people with problematic skin, it is also recommended to carry out such types of peels as AHA peel, glycol, TCA peel, alkaline peel.

If you have very problematic skin, then before you go for the procedure, you need to extinguish the foci of inflammation. Home care products should have an anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating effect, and they should be prescribed by a cosmetologist. Facial cleansing is not recommended for home use.

Dry skin - laser biorevitalization

Dry skin is quite common and requires special care. Since dryness arises from insufficient activity of the sebaceous glands and evaporation of moisture from the surface, it becomes thinner, subsequently loses elasticity and peels off. Therefore, you should select techniques with low tissue trauma and aimed at moisturizing them. For example, mechanical cleaning of the face will not work here.

With this type, it is important not only to cleanse the skin, but also to replenish moisture. Signs of aging in this case appear very early. In addition to the necessary daily care, professional procedures are mandatory - for example, the combination of the Skin Master procedure and laser biorevitalization.

Combination skin - aquadermagenesis

Combination or mixed skin is expressed in the dryness of some areas and increased oiliness of others. Usually, excessive activity of the sebaceous glands is observed in the T-zone, and the cheeks and skin around the eyes remain normal or dry. That is why in the care of this type of skin, you should use products designed specifically for combination skin.

In professional care, it is better to use gentle methods of skin cleansing - ultrasonic cleaning, aquadermagenesis. The aquadermagenesis procedure allows not only to cleanse the skin, but also to reduce sebum secretion thanks to the Oil-Control program. And such a cosmetic procedure as a facial cleansing will help to achieve perfect and even skin.

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