7 main secrets of a serious relationship

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7 main secrets of a serious relationship
7 main secrets of a serious relationship

Actually, there are no secrets here. The main thing is not to forget about the most important thing. About love, of course. Then a serious relationship with a man will develop by itself.

7 main secrets of a serious relationship

Law 1: He won't change

Realize, finally, that your man is not a child, but a long-formed personality. He is what he is: with his habits, interests and life position. You will have to come to terms with this if you want a serious relationship, including for creating a family. If you enjoy being henpecked and enjoying the role of a caring mommy, be prepared to get pissed off from time to time by his whining and hesitation.

When choosing a strong and powerful man for yourself, get ready for the fact that his word is the law and sometimes it will not be easy to agree with him.

Law 2: Be Tolerant and Wise

If you still decide to sculpt the perfect man, never blame your partner for his shortcomings. Don't try to train him. Be careful: "Darling, this little thing prevents you from being perfect" is more convincing than "You can't even get your stomach off."

A man first of all looks for a woman who accepts him for who he is - only with such a girl do men want a serious relationship. And having believed in this, he is ready to break into a cake, just to please his beloved.

Be sure to empathize with his failures and give him confidence that he is capable of winning. And of course, rejoice with him in his success!

Law 3: Stay fit

Avoid routine and try to always maintain the illusion of fragility in your relationship. Be different and unpredictable for him. Even if you have been together for more than a year, you will surely find something to surprise him: in the kitchen or in bed.

Law 4: Maintain

Constantly instill in him the idea that you alone know that he is the best in the world. You believe in him like no other, and appreciate him as a person. But at the same time, unlike others, you do not encroach on his freedom. Do not forget to talk with him, be interested in what excites and worries him. Feel free to be caring, but don't be pushy.

Law 5: Do Not Control

Despite the desire to completely possess your loved one, respect his right to be alone with himself. You do not need to control a man 24 hours a day and find out all the time whether you have a serious relationship. Even if we assume that a man is subconsciously looking for a woman who looks like his mother, then along with maternal affection in his subconscious mind lies the fear of a phrase like: “Pavlik, home!”

Law 6: Self-development and personal growth

Men are most often looking for a serious relationship with versatile girls. Try to be interesting to your partner. Develop, set goals and achieve them. Earn an MBA, run a half marathon, or learn how to make the most delicious strudel in town. As tender as his mother used to bake.

Law 7: Adoption

Building a serious relationship, remember that you will have to go through a series of rejections, resentment, quarrels and misunderstandings. Try not to make tantrums and scenes. Treat everything philosophically and with understanding. Learn to love and understand - both yourself and your loved one. And then you will definitely succeed in a serious relationship with a man!

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