10 signs of a man who will hurt you

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10 signs of a man who will hurt you
10 signs of a man who will hurt you

Do you doubt that you and your man will have a happy future together? Then this article is exactly for you! We will consider the most common reasons to send the missus to hell.

10 signs of a man who will hurt you

To quit or not to quit, that is the question. If it was precisely this dilemma that had overcome Hamlet at one time, everything would probably have been much simpler. However, the philosophical question "To be or not to be?" seemed much more interesting to him. However, the point here is not at all in Hamlet. The whole reason is he, the same handsome prince with whom, following the oath to the registry office worker, you will live your whole life in sorrow and in joy.

But if you have vague doubts about your future, it's time to check if your prince is from the same fairy tale?

Here are the top 10 reasons to think about your relationship.

Lack of attention

You have already forgotten the last time he sent a message with the words "good morning" or "I love you", and calls from him generally became akin to luxury. Postponing dates an hour before the meeting has become his habit, and he explains his behavior with a bunch of cases and incredible busyness. Promises to call back end with the fact that … yes, they do not end with anything. And if you call him back yourself, you risk getting a cold and short answer: “I forgot.”

Friends are more important to him

What could be better than meeting your girlfriend (unless, of course, the word "beloved" has not lost its relevance yet)? Of course, football, beer, fishing and a lot of friends. At least your man thinks so. Who argues that male friendship is a holy cause? But don't forget about relationships either.

Meeting friends is a kind of VIP event that you are not recommended to attend. But what if romantic secluded evenings are left behind, and men's gatherings are organized almost every day? There is only one way out: meet him in the circle of your mutual friends. Or not dating at all.


Restaurants, going to the cinema and the theater have become your pipe dream. And you generally safely forgot about gifts and flowers. But nothing prevents him from pleasing himself with expensive purchases. It looks like he is not ready to spend money on you. And his behavior speaks volumes.

You have nothing to talk about

Your conversations are now limited to discussing everyday problems, gossip about mutual acquaintances or disputes on various topics. He does not support you and is not at all interested in your life (when was the last time he asked how you were doing?). But even an hour is not enough for him to talk about all his problems, "exploits" at work or other events, the significance of which, as it seems to him, exceeds all indicators on the scale of importance.


The words "You look amazing!" you are used to hearing from other men, and not from him, but the phrase “Where are you going and when will you return?” he does not speak even for the sake of decency. You have to admit that he doesn't care about you. Delays at work, late returns home and late-night calls to your number do not interest him at all. You do not have to rely on his help and support. In general, the phrase “both in sorrow and in joy” is clearly not about you. The presence of a problem, a cold or just a bad mood makes you call not him, but your friends. Ask yourself: why? Maybe you're not as close as you'd like?

Interest in other girls

Increasingly, you began to notice how he was looking at people passing by. As soon as you leave to powder your nose, in a minute he is already talking enthusiastically with an unfamiliar girl. You should not dispute the statement that looking at the fair sex is a common thing for men. This is pure physiology. However, it is good to know the measure in everything. So, if the diagnosis of "potential womanizer" is not amenable to any treatment, maybe you should change the "sick"?

Unreasonable jealousy

He calls you five times a day and controls your every move. It hardly speaks of boundless love. More like distrust. He considers you his property, and it is unlikely that this feeling will wane over time.

He doesn't want a serious relationship

A serious relationship is not what he has been striving for all his life. Meet, walk and scatter - that's his motto. He is in no hurry to introduce you to his friends and relatives. This state of affairs does not suit you at all, and, most likely, in the near future you will simply get tired of it. You want a real family, and he certainly will not like such an idea. In this case, do not rush to conclusions: maybe he is simply not ready to start a family yet? The best option is to ask him about future plans in your life together. If he does not want to change anything, then you should think about whether you need this game in the sandbox?

Fade of Passion

Where did the former spark and the attraction to each other that you constantly experienced go? Love has passed, the tomatoes have withered, and there is no question of passion at all. You no longer experience euphoria from just looking at him. If you're having a hard time and don't know where your relationship is headed, just let go of the person in search of your true love. But do not forget that it is better to measure seven times and cut once.


He's constantly changing plans, and you find out about it … completely by accident! You constantly catch him in a lie. He can pack up and leave in an instant, slamming the door behind him and not explaining the reasons for his behavior. You should not believe the words "I missed you so much", which are pronounced only on the eve of a passionate night. Especially if all the previous week there was no answer from him, no greetings. If a man really loves you, he will not disappear for the whole week just because he wanted to be alone. In any case, he will definitely inform about his plans and will not leave you alone with the unknown.

Have you already counted two reasons to leave a man? Do not rush to shed tears! At the very least, this is an opportunity to reflect on your relationship. And as a maximum - find the strength in yourself and part with it, thereby laying the foundation for something new and interesting!

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