16 Glue Hook Hacks

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16 Glue Hook Hacks
16 Glue Hook Hacks

Want to simplify your life in just 3 minutes? You do not need a drill or other tools for this. Improvising with self-adhesive hooks.

16 life hacks using glue hooks

Just run them on hooks on the hidden side of the furniture.

Keep chair cushions from slipping

To do this, you will need to sew loops on the underside of the pillows.

Hang foil and parchment rolls in a convenient place

Rearrange bathroom shelves to your liking

Make a collapsible bedside table from a tray

In this case, the hooks are glued to the bottom of the tabletop. When you fold the legs, you remove the tray

Fix the lids on the door

Finally find a place for a package with packages

Upgrade headboard

In this case, you need to fasten the hooks on the back of the headboard, and sew an elastic band along the edge of the drapery cover.

Place bulk product measurements where you need them most

Hang wreaths, balloons and decorations

Hook on the back of the door and tape, that's all you need to aesthetically decorate the house for the holiday

Measures, strainers, etc

Garlands above the window

Wires behind TV

Paintings and photographs

Space under the sink

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