The "Others" are already among us

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The "Others" are already among us
The "Others" are already among us

What it's like to come home after a walk and see that your little brother…is already retired. What is it like to get into the Gulag, and leave it into a world where the personality cult of the leader is debunked, and instead of rickety barracks there are shining skyscrapers. What is it like to be a young mother who ran out for a couple of minutes for bread, and returned to the house, where next to her husband is another woman, and your baby calls her “mother” …

"Others" are already among us

TV-3 presents a new fantasy drama "The Others". From November 23 at 19:30

How do people who go missing but suddenly return feel? What to do if the world around is not from your memories, and the memory remains silent about that event that turned your whole life?

For us they are different, strangers. "Returners". Heroes of different generations - revolutionaries, repressed, soldiers of the Second World War, victims of the dashing 90s. How can they survive in the crazy 21st century with their naive perception of time, long past and family stories about people who are no longer alive…

The inhabitants of the Earth are in a panic - an unidentified object is approaching our planet, which, it seems, is being controlled by someone. When the scientists and military arrive at the supposed landing site, they discover a glowing sphere from which 444 people emerge. They all went missing at different times under different circumstances. Someone a month ago, and someone else before the Revolution. And here they are again here on Earth. What for? The answer to this question is being sought by the main characters of the TV series "Others" - employees of a special research center Oleg Sorokin (Pavel Delong) and Tanya Semenova (Anna Geller).

In 2004, CBS aired the first season of the fantasy series 4400 created by Scott Peters and René Echevaría. The series became a real event in the United States and it became clear immediately that it should be on the Russian television screen. The question remained: which channel would take on this adaptation? But is it a question when there is TV-3?

TV-3 CEO Daria Fialko: “We expect that the new TV-3 TV series “The Others” will become our flagship project, a breakthrough both in terms of rating and innovation. It is dramatic, action-packed, and has powerful protagonists.”.

In the first series of "Others" viewers will find a dynamic and tense story. "Others" is a fascinating fantasy and emotional psychological drama that tells about the fate of ordinary people who find themselves in exceptional circumstances…

In each of us there is a huge potential that is revealed in the face of the unknown. How do we overcome our own fears, what do we believe in, and who believes in ourselves? Why is it given to some to become heroes, while others break under the blows of fate? The universe of human destinies will unfold like a wide canvas in front of the viewer and show all the facets of the human soul in the TV series “Others”. After all, each of us is the Universe.

Adaptation of the sensational series "4400" by TV-3 impressed one of the creators of the project. “I applaud the way TV3 has reimagined the characters of the American series 4400. It seems to me that the Russian public will not only fall in love with the characters and consider them real, convincing and interesting, but will also accept the characters as "their own". Bravo!” wrote CBS producer Gerald Sanoff after watching the pilot of The Others.

But who are they - the heroes of the series "Others"? The actors themselves talk about it.

The first film of actor Pavel Delong was the world-famous drama Schindler's List. In total, Pavel's filmography includes about 60 films and television projects, among which are the series "Key of the Salamander", "Black River", "In June 41st", as well as the film "1812: Uhlan Ballad" and others.

Due to a slight accent, Pavel Delong is voiced by actor Maxim Sergeev. Maxim's voice is spoken by the characters of two hundred films, among which are "The Grand Budapest Hotel", "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", as well as the hero of the series on TV-3 "Investigation of the Body".

Anna Geller is one of the most famous voice actresses. Her voice speaks the characters of the most famous films, including "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" and "007: Skyfall Coordinates". Well, one of Anna's most famous serial works is the voice of Dr. Lisa Cuddy in the TV series House M.D.

Yuri Itskov: “My hero is Leonid Khinshtein, former head of the Research Center. Perhaps this is the most mysterious person in the series. I will not reveal all the secrets, I will only say that to some extent it was because of Hintshein that this whole strange story began …"

Sonya Shestakova: “I play the girl Maya. She can predict the future. It's cool, I would like that too, but I wouldn't tell anyone that I have such a secret. But what Maya can do is not liked by adults, because she can predict their lives, and they are scared of it.”

Ilya Stogov, journalist, writer, author of the novels “Macho Don't Cry”, “Kamikaze” and “mASIAfucker”: “In general, I play myself in the given circumstances. My Tikhonov is a meticulous, caustic, impudent journalist, in general, a real special correspondent. In pursuit of a sensation, he finds himself adventures, which can sometimes end not very pleasantly. My role is as follows: I take the microphone, go up to the heroes and say: "Give me an interview, please." Then I get in the nose, I fall and lie quietly. Here is my image "".

Facts from the filming of The Others:

  • Especially for the series, the artists managed to create a whole world to study threats from space - a special observation dome, a diagnostic chair, a star map, magic balls, various research devices and a machine with chocolates that went crazy.
  • From the first episodes, the viewer will see an important artifact - magic balls, which will be associated with many mysteries. The balls were made using a special technology from heavy-duty glass. First, it is heated to a certain temperature. Then, maintaining the temperature, the necessary pattern is applied, after which it is sharply cooled. Due to the temperature difference, the balloon bursts and becomes covered with a mysterious pattern.
  • The music for the series "Others" was written by the famous composer, guitarist, producer and member of the avant-garde jazz group "Volkovtrio" Svyatoslav Kurashov. He worked with Leonid Fedorov ("Auktyon"), Sergey Starostin, Igor Butman, Sergey Shchurakov ("Aquarium"), as well as with foreign musicians - Arkady Shilkloper, Damo Suzuki, Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Olivier Ker- Orio and others. Kurashov is the author of music for more than 40 films and the winner of many awards.
  • Artist-director of the series "Others" Maria Zolina - designer. She creates conceptual designer clothes. "Opium", "Ice Age", "Reverse Logic" - these collections have been repeatedly exhibited at international exhibitions, where they were awarded high marks and awards. By the way, viewers will see some models from the new Amalgam collection in the series Others.
  • To convey a sense of time, the artists had to create images of heroes from different eras. Olga Sevastyanova, costume designer: “Our main task was to convey the scale of the current story, which touched several hundred people from different countries and different eras. We used several pairs of collectible dresses from the beginning of the 19th century, uniforms from the Second World War - both Soviet and German. According to the plot, one of the main characters - the little girl Maya - disappeared immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War. We found a 1940s dress for her in an antique shop. It harmoniously complements the image of the actress, and creates the impression that the girl has literally stepped out of a photograph from the past.”
  • Stunt coordinator Sergei Petrov: “We came to the set a few hours before the start of filming to rehearse the upcoming stunts with the actors. Of course, not all of them are performed by the actors themselves. For example, we were filming a scene where one of the heroes Pavel Delong fights falls off a high-rise building. The fall itself was performed by a stuntman, but the “approach” to the stunt - the fight preceding the fall, was performed by the actor himself … We have been working together with actress Anna Geller for more than a year, so I am also calm about her. She will be able to engage in a fight with the enemy, and jump off a steep cliff.”
  • Unlike American fans of "4400", Russian viewers will find out the main intrigue of the series - what happened to the "returnees", who is to blame for their disappearance and what is their mission on Earth.

    FROM NOVEMBER 23 at 19:30 ON TV-3

    Genre: fantasy drama with detective elements

    Production: SHARK LLC commissioned by TV-3 channel

    Director: Alexander Yakimchuk.

    DOP: Garik Zhamgaryan.

    Authors: Dana Zhane, Alexey Rybin.

    General Producer: Daria Fialko.


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