How to decorate the interior in modern style (photo)

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How to decorate the interior in modern style (photo)
How to decorate the interior in modern style (photo)

Perhaps, in our country the Art Nouveau style in the interior is not as popular as, for example, classical style, hi-tech or Provence. So if you want something original, check out this design direction!

Modern style in the interior: main features and useful design tips

The Art Nouveau style in the interior, which originated in the second half of the 19th century, sought to be as modern as possible. It quickly became very popular among creative people and caused a real boom in art, architecture, fashion design and accessories. Then the popularity began to fade. We can say that now the Art Nouveau style in the interior has something like a second wind.

Modern interior design style: main features

  1. Restrained colors. Calm and natural shades are at the heart of this trend. Furniture and room decoration should be done in colors such as beige, gray, white, pale green, olive, brown, pale blue, silver or gold.
  2. Bright unusual accessories. Outlandish decor objects stand out against the background of muted colors. Table lamps of an unusual shape, accessories made of colored glass, floral panels and unusual figurines - all these are integral design elements.
  3. Stained-glass windows. Another characteristic without which it is difficult to imagine modern style in a modern interior. Stained glass patterns can be used not only in window decoration, but also in decorating doors, cabinets, tables and other furniture.
  4. Smooth curved lines. No severity - all lines in the interior of an Art Nouveau apartment should be soft and smooth, whether it be a doorway, a window or the back of a sofa.
  5. Soft light. Stained glass lamps are designed to create a pleasant atmosphere in the home with subdued, soft lighting.
  6. Simple materials.Decoration uses quality natural materials such as wood, glass, stone and wrought iron.
  7. Patterns. Against the background of natural furniture and walls in soothing shades, accessories with floral and other patterns that are typical for this design direction look great.

Modern apartment interior

It is worth noting that the design of an apartment in this style requires a lot of financial investments, as stained-glass windows, modern furniture and unusual interior items in the Art Nouveau style are not cheap. But the result is worth it. This design is especially suitable for creative people who are bored of living in a classic interior, but at the same time they want luxury.

Modern style kitchen interior

If you chose this design for your kitchen, get ready to delight your guests. Smooth lines, bright details, an unusual lamp made of colored glass - all this will make the modern kitchen interior modern and attractive. It is important to note that this design will not get bored after a couple of years, thanks to the use of soothing color combinations and natural materials. It will not be difficult to find a ready-made modern kitchen set, because this is one of the most popular design trends for the kitchen.

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