10 reasons why you always have nothing to wear

10 reasons why you always have nothing to wear
10 reasons why you always have nothing to wear

Did you throw your third "nothing to wear" tantrum this morning? Let's see how we got to this life.

10 reasons why you always have nothing to wear

To the state in which you want to burn all your clothes, we bring ourselves, and we do it progressively and systematically. 10 reasons why you always have “nothing to wear”, look in our article!

You keep buying the same things

Even if black skinny jeans are the only jeans that fit you perfectly, that's no reason to fill your closets with them. There is nothing wrong with duplicating the things you like, but it is important not to overdo it - two pairs of the notorious black skinny will be more than enough for you. Instead of buying a third, try on a couple of current styles, like boyfriends or mom jeans.

You give in to sudden impulses to "get out of your comfort zone"

And as a result, you decide to radically “add colors” by spontaneously buying a bright green bandage mini dress or sandals on “stripper” platforms. If you want to change your style, try not to be so drastic - for example, if you can't get out of trousers and jeans, buy one beautiful skirt in your favorite color that will really make you feel more or less comfortable.

You don't think about what you will wear the purchased item with

Wow, what a cool crop top with rhinestones, I'll buy it, and at home I'll decide what to wear and where! Does this happen to you often? Such a strategy leads to unnecessary spending and a wardrobe overflowing with unnecessary rubbish. Don't forget - you need to decide what you will wear a new thing with in the store, before buying.

You still hope to fit into 9th grade jeans

Ninth grade was twenty years ago, but you still keep the jeans that helped you break a lot of classmates' hearts. Despite the fact that you can’t fit into them for ten years out of these very twenty. Believe me, if it’s not about unhe althy weight gain, but only about the fact that you have grown from a slender skinny teenager into a beauty with a toned hourglass figure, then it’s better to throw out these jeans, and not try to squeeze into them every weekend and reflect on for another failure.

You don't fill "holes" in your basic wardrobe

Everyone needs a basic wardrobe, we will not get tired of repeating it, if only because it is so! Imagine that you are building a house where the “base” is the foundation, and the trendy purchases are the walls, the roof, etc. Agree, the walls on the bare ground will look strange, and such a house will not be beautiful or comfortable. The same with clothes - mix trends with the "base", and you will forget about style problems.

You only buy "fashionable" things

It is impossible to build an adequate wardrobe only from fashionable things. Why? Yes, because trends change every season by at least half, and as a maximum - by ¾. So if you're not an oil magnate's wife and can't afford to completely renew your wardrobe every season, take care of your basic wardrobe and once a season buy a couple of trendy items - this will be enough for a fashionable look.

You buy everything on sale

Sales are a very dangerous thing. As soon as we girls see the red SALE sign with the cherished “50-60-70%” nearby, the brain turns off, the breath catches, and the hand reaches for the wallet by itself. Stop! A bunch of cheap rags, bought just because they're cheap, will sit in your closet for the next ten years, and none of them you'll even agree to take out the trash in the dead of night.

You don't sort out your wardrobe

The constant mess in the closet is one of the main reasons why your morning preparations can stretch indefinitely. If you sort and structure your wardrobe, you can get dressed much faster in the morning and finally stop being late.

You do not take into account the features of your figure

More precisely, maybe you do take it into account, but you do it not quite right. Stop trying to type yourself according to the common apple-rectangular-pear theory. Just take a closer look at how a thing sits on you before buying it, and do not forget about the possibility of a return - this option exists just to help you decide and calmly make a decision at home.

You buy things for the future

"Someday I'll lose weight and put on these jeans, which are now too small for me", "Someday the prince on a white horse will come to me - that's when I'll put on this cake dress!" - all these mantras in no way justify buying jeans that are a size smaller or a dress that is more suitable for filming in Disney princess films. You are unlikely to ever wear these things, so spend money on something that you can wear not in five years, but now (maximum next season).

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