10 Useful Uses for Laundry Soap

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10 Useful Uses for Laundry Soap
10 Useful Uses for Laundry Soap

We tell you when to use a familiar remedy that can be bought at any hardware store.

10 Uses for Laundry Soap You Didn't Know About

The composition of laundry soap is fats (up to 72%) and alkali (pH level 11-12 is considered the maximum allowable for human skin). It is made from animal and vegetable fats, so all components are natural and do not cause allergies. Alkali is an aggressive substance that destroys bacteria, so soap is an excellent tool for disinfecting and removing dirt from any surface. And since laundry soap is quite inexpensive, it is still one of the main helpers in everyday life.

So what can you do with laundry soap?

Wash floors

Grate the soap and add to a bucket of warm water. It will perfectly wash away dirt and stains.

Wash clothes

Soap can wash even very dirty socks. If you also grate it, it will be more convenient to dilute it in a bowl of water and soak things. Soap is also suitable for washing children's things, because. does not cause skin irritation. They are good at washing knitwear. They won't shed and will be soft.

Clean plumbing

Soap shavings are an all-purpose cleaner and when mixed with mustard powder make a paste for the stove and sink.

Wash vegetables

Carrots, beets, potatoes and other root vegetables, as well as chicken eggs bought in a store or on the market, can be treated with soapy water (this is done to prevent salmonellosis.

Treat plants from pests

Soap helps control aphids and other garden pests. At the same time, the soap solution is completely safe for plants. You can use the solution not only in the garden, but also for indoor plants.

Get rid of acne

Once every two weeks, you can wash your face with laundry soap, which dries the skin and destroys bacteria.

Wash toothbrushes or dishwashing sponges

Since soap is an excellent antiseptic, soaking a sponge or brush in soapy water overnight will disinfect them. This is important if someone in your family is sick.

Relieve swelling and prevent bruising

If the bruise is treated with soap, then there will be no bruising. To do this, dilute the soap in water and wipe the bruised area with a solution. The procedure can be repeated several times.

Remove infection

If you cut yourself, pricked or scratched - wash the damaged skin area with laundry soap. In exactly the same way, you can treat sensitive areas of the skin after depilation to prevent irritation and the occurrence of pimples.

Soap is also used for dog or cat bites

To prevent infection from getting into the wound, you need to let the blood drain, and then apply gauze soaked in a solution of laundry soap and bandage it. Bites will heal faster and the wound will not become inflamed.

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