Bye Kim: We're losing the Kardashian family

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Bye Kim: We're losing the Kardashian family
Bye Kim: We're losing the Kardashian family

A British developer has created a filter application that blocks news about the Kardashian family on the Web. More than 20 thousand subscribers are waiting for the release of this program.

Bye Kim: we're losing the Kardashian family!

Kim Kardashian once again gave rise to discussions in the press and the public. The 35-year-old celebrity, eight months pregnant, said she was feeling very unwell. According to her, she cannot wait until the baby is finally born in order to put her body in order and feel happy again. As it turned out, Kim gained almost 24 kilograms during her second pregnancy and said that she would not go to such suffering for the third time. She complained that she was suffering from constant dizziness, heart palpitations and terrible swelling.

This news has appeared in the media along with dozens of other news about the rest of the Kardashian family. Due to the fact that the entire Network is full of notes about these celebrities, dissatisfaction has arisen in society. A large number of Internet users have appeared who do not want to see articles every day about how the youngest of the sisters Kylie Jenner admitted to lip augmentation, that Kim considers pregnancy the worst thing in the world, or that, as the father and stepfather of sisters Bruce Jenner, declared that he is a woman and became a transgender named Caitlyn.

Many netizens are already tired of articles of this kind. Some indignant people call these notes “information garbage” and “slag” that clogs the brain. But, as you know, demand creates supply. So, the British developer James Shamsi created a special filter application for electronic devices that blocks all news that mentions at least one member of the Kardashian family. Thanks to the new program KardBlock, the user's Internet browser will not be able to display information about these celebrities. Since the announcement, more than 20,000 people have subscribed to the updates, waiting for the release of the application.

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